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8 Things Only Productive And Successful Stoners Will Understand

If you are among the productive, successful stoners out there, then here are eight things that will be completely relatable.

Can you smoke weed and still be successful? Why of course you can! And there are plenty of people out there proving it. Just look at Richard Branson, for example. He is the founder of the Virgin Group, and just so happens to get high on the side. Oh, and who can forget the lovely Jane West? Not only is she the founder of Women Grow, but she also has her own line of bubblers, bongs, and more. So yes, you can smoke pot and still handle your business. If you are among the productive, successful stoners out there, then here are eight things only you will understand.

1. The reaction you get when someone finds out you smoke pot

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Like, you mean you actually smoke weed? And still, work? Say what?! For some odd reason, this comes across as a shock to some people. But yes, you can do both, and well at that.

2. Realizing how unmotivated you would be if it weren’t for weed

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Some say stoners lack motivation. On the contrary, pot is what keeps you moving. In fact, you probably wouldn’t feel like doing much of anything if it weren’t for your morning sesh. Just like a warm cup of coffee, it’s a must.

3. And how you’d lose your shit without it

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What’s the hardest part about work? Dealing with people, of course. And it’s not just the customers but also your co-workers. From time to time, you’ve thought about going off on them all. But you don’t, because the herb helps you stay sane.

4. Oh, and how coming home after a long day just wouldn’t be the same

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Honestly, a big part of why you’re able to do so much in a day is because you know you get to come home and spark up when all is done. It calms you down; it puts you to sleep, it does it all.

5. Exercising isn’t so bad when you’re high

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There are plenty of reasons why stoners love staying active. First, studies show that exercising can increase your high. Also, pot gets you in the zone, which comes in handy when you just want to do your workout without overthinking about it.

5. And neither are house chores

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All you need is some music, a blunt, and snacks to eat once you’re through. Most people dread cleaning the house and things of that nature, but not you.

6. Or trying new things

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Weed also unleashes your creative side, which helps you branch out and partake in new activities, like a painting class. Smoking the giggle bush isn’t the only thing you do in your spare time, but it does make things more fun.

7. You work hard, and weed is your reward

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As you know, success doesn’t come easy. It requires hard work and dedication. Since you bust your butt every day to make a living, you deserve a treat. For some, it’s a mixed drink, but for you, it’s the herb.

8. People swear pot will make you fail, but it hasn’t let you down so far

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They wish.

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