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Stonerpedia: What Happens If You Just Keep Smoking Weed?

The more weed you smoke, the higher you'll get, right? Well, to a point, anyway.

Some people just want to get as high as possible. We don’t blame you for wanting to let loose at the end of a long week.

However, smoking ridiculous amounts of the herb may not work exactly as it seems it would. Many cannabis lovers may find themselves wondering, does smoking more weed get you higher in the moment, or does it leave you higher for longer?

The short answer to this is both, to a point. For the most part, smoking or eating large amounts of cannabis can be uncomfortable and very exhausting. Here’s the scoop on smoking too much cannabis. Yes, there is such a thing.

Does Smoking More Weed Get You Higher?

Those who have ever eaten one edible too many may have noticed that cannabis can make you very high for a very long time.

Edible cannabis and inhaled cannabis provide two different experiences, but consuming large amounts of both can make you higher and high for a longer period of time. But, there are some things to consider.

If you do several bong rips in a row without much time in between, there can be a limit to how high you can get. The primary psychoactive compound in the plant, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), can begin to saturate the brain within seconds after inhaling.

Research shows that THC peaks about 8 minutes after consumption in blood plasma. Consuming more THC will certainly make you higher. After a while, however, the experience begins to get sloppy.

After a certain point, excess THC is shuttled off and stored in fat cells to be re-released later. It’s important to know that not all THC is used by the brain at the same time, especially if there’s lots of it.

However, extreme THC saturation will make you pretty damn high. If you‘re ever able to reach a peak saturation point, chances are you‘ll fall asleep without being able to enjoy much of the experience.

You might also find yourself more paranoid and anxious than normal or uncomfortable in general. This is because high doses of THC can promote anxiety, while low doses are often thought to ease anxiety.

It’s not uncommon for some people to vomit after smoking excessive amounts of cannabis, aka the dreaded “green out.”

Does Smoking More Weed Make You Higher For Longer?

Since excess THC is stored in fat, smoking substantial amounts can certainly make you higher for longer.

The active chemicals in the plant, called cannabinoids, stay in the body for quite a long time. After inhaling, THC quickly makes its way from the bloodstream to fatty places in the body, like the brain and general body fat.

Research shows that compounds like THC are actually re-released into the bloodstream as you burn fat cells, where extra THC is stored. The more cannabis you consume and the more fat you have, the more THC will recirculate in your bloodstream for hours, days, and weeks after initially ingesting or inhaling the herb.

However, recirculating THC does not cause the high you feel immediately after smoking. On the other hand, you‘re far more likely to feel groggy, lethargic, sleepy, and blissed out for the next day or two after heavy consumption. This is what many people refer to as a “cannabis hangover.”

What About Eating Too Many Edibles?

Consuming large amounts of cannabis-infused foods provides a similar effect.

If you accidentally eat too many infused brownies, you may find yourself experiencing:

  • Weird paranoia
  • Fogginess
  • Odd heavy body sensations
  • Difficulty with motor skills
  • All followed by a long and deep sleep

In general, edibles are far more powerful than inhaled cannabis. While “overdosing” on an edible will not kill you, it can make you feel very uncomfortable.

No matter how much cannabis you smoke or vape, chances are you will not get as high for as long as you would if overdosing on an edible. However, both experiences can still be quite uncomfortable when you consume large amounts.

The acute high from an edible can last as long as eight hours with residual effects for up to one to two days. In teens and beginner cannabis users, these residual effects may last longer.

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