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learn | 01.01.2022

5 Strains Guaranteed To Get You In The Mood For Date Night

Swipe right one too many times? Here are the five best cannabis strains to get you in the mood for romance on date night.

Cannabis can make for an excellent ice breaker on a first date and can certainly add some extra fun to a more long-term relationship. Regardless of whether or not you’re just meeting someone or are hoping to rekindle the fire, here are five top cannabis strains for date night.

1. Big Blue


Big Blue is an easygoing cross between Northern Lights and Blueberry. Both parent strains are classified as indicas and they tend to produce sedative yet cheerful effects. This strain would make an excellent choice to impress a first date, as it features beautiful blue, pink, and purple coloration.

Big Blue also has slightly sedative effects, making it great for calming nerves and promoting a mellow and conversational vibe. However, this bud can be extremely high in THC. It can feature up to 24 percent of the psychoactive, meaning that this strain may be best to micro dose. In smaller doses, the happy and giggly qualities of this flower shine through.

It can feature up to 24 percent of the psychoactive, meaning that this strain may be best to micro dose. In smaller doses, the happy and giggly qualities of this flower shine through.

2. Pink Berry

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Hoping to get a little frisky with a loved one? Pink Berry is an indica cross with some arousing side effects. Though classified as an indica, Pink Berry is not overly sedative. Rather, this flower promotes a calm sense of relaxation, ease, and positive well-being.

A real treat, this flower is perfect for a romantic evening with someone you already know or are hoping to get to know a little better. Featuring a ripe blackberry aroma with hints of cream and herbal earth, this flower has an intoxicating aroma that can set the mood and encourage good fun. Pair this berry-licious bud with some chocolate and a sweet wine.

3. Mango Kush


Date nights are a great time to get silly. Mango Kush is the strain for the job. A cross between Hindu Kush and Mango, this strain is a little on the sedative side. Not only does this low-key hybrid feature a fruity and delicious flavor and aroma, but Mango Kush provides a happy and giggly high that’s perfect for sharing.

Mango Kush tends to feature moderate levels of THC. This is a nice quality if an advanced consumer is hoping to share some herb with someone less experienced.  On average, Mango Kush features about 16 percent of the psychoactive.

4. OG Kush


You can’t go wrong with this classic. While there is much debate over whether or not there is a “true” OG Kush out there these days, this strain is still one of the best date night selections. Upbeat, happy, and generally loved by everyone, OG Kush is a surefire hit with an upbeat attitude.

Often considered a true hybrid, this strain provides a gentle body relaxation and an uplifting mental experience. Laughter, smiles, and adventure are all possible after a little OG Kush. Potent, this strain is best saved for a partner that has some cannabis experience. When grown with expert care, OG Kush can reach up to 27 percent THC. Unless you want to find yourself yawning during your date, it may be better to stick with lower potency or small dose options.

5. Laughing Buddha

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Hoping to stay up dancing? An energetic strain is what you need. Laughing Buddha is an upbeat sativa that offers mental stimulation as well as lots of laughter. This flower is sociable and friendly, which makes it perfect for sharing with a 420 friendly friend found on Bumble, Tinder, or one of the many other nifty online dating apps out there.

Featuring around 18 percent THC, Laughing Buddha is appropriate for those with moderate to advanced cannabis experience. As always, sticking to lower doses will help prevent some of the unwanted anxiety or lethargy that cannabis can cause.

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