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learn | 12.02.2019

Why Weed Smokers Are Better Parents

Nobody judges a parent for sipping a glass of wine, yet there is a persisting stigma around parents who smoke weed. This is why weed smokers make better parents.

More moms and dads are smoking pot these days than you may think. Back in June of this year, medical marijuana delivery service Eaze revealed in a study that 1 out of 5 weed smokers are parents. And 63% of those parents dabble in the herb daily.

It’s no secret that parenting is tough work. From sunrise to sunset, kids require attention, especially babies and toddlers. And there are no sick days allowed. With that being said, finding some form of relief from the stresses of modern life is entirely necessary. For some parents, it’s wine. But for the modern day cannabis consumer/parent, they’ll take grass over the glass any day.

Of course, no one is going to call you a bad parent for sipping on some Moscato. But if mom or pop wants to spark a fat J in the garage, does that make them terrible parents? It might make them better. Here is why weed smokers are better parents:

They get the right amount of ZZZs

A day in the life of a parent begins the exact moment their child wakes up. And it’s not over until they’re fast asleep. Sometimes, you’re not even that lucky. After all, not all kids sleep through the night every single night.

To say that parents need a proper night’s rest is an understatement. Not only is getting the right amount of sleep necessary to maintaining good health, but it also keeps you sane throughout the day, allowing moms and dads to parent to the best of their ability.

According to Dr. Matt Roman, who happens to be a medical marijuana physician, “Marijuana is an effective sleep aid because it restores a person’s natural sleep cycle, which so often falls out of sync with our schedules in today’s modern lifestyle.” In other words, hitting the pipe before bed can do wonders, especially for parents with hectic schedules.

They’re happier, less anxious, and more relaxed

Dealing with anxiety, depression, or any similar condition can be a nightmare when you have children. After all, having kids period is stressful as you don’t get much time to yourself and there’s always something that needs to be done.

For parents that smoke weed, cannabis helps keep them calm, cool and collected. And happier overall. In addition to relieving stress, marijuana is shown to work excellently as an anti-depressant. On top of that, it relaxes you. So basically, taking a smoke break, or even snacking on an edible or two, can give you the necessary patience to parent and not be so on edge. And you’ll be less likely to snap over something simple, like spilled milk.

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Weed unleashes their inner child and gives them the energy to keep up

Cannabis’s ability to spark creativity is well-documented. In fact, research has been highlighting THC’s ability to enhance imagination ever since the 1970s, when one of the first studies to link weed to more original thoughts was conducted.

As you know, kids have one hell of an imagination. So what better way to get on their level as a parent than to smoke some bud? You could build an epic blanket fort. Or, paint a picture and even create something extravagant out of Legos. The possibilities for fun are endless.

Of course, all this fun requires plenty of energy. And parents, well, they don’t always have a lot of that. While some strains of pot, like Indicas, will sink you directly into the couch, others, primarily Sativas, will provide you with a boost of energy, just like a good ol’ cup of coffee. On top of unleashing the wild child within, this jolt of stamina can also help parents tackle things like chores, errands, and so on. You can finally be that parent that legit does it all.

They’re less likely to turn to opiates and more likely to replace alcohol with weed

Again, when you’re a mom or dad, there are no sick days. No matter if you’re in pain or too tired to function, a parent has to do what a parent has to do. But when you’re prescribed five different medications just for pain, that’s easier said than done.

In addition to putting you at risk for addiction, opiates can also lead to overdose. Same goes for alcohol. But as for cannabis, not a single death has ever been reported. And the chances of you getting addicted are slim to none.

According to the same study mentioned above, that was conducted by Eaze, 26% of parents are more likely to replace opiates with weed than non-parents. It’s safe to say that’s because research has proven that cannabis can effectively and more safely be used as a substitute for opioid-based pain medication. The Eaze study also revealed that pot smoking parents are 52% more likely to replace alcohol with cannabis than non-parents.

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Conclusion: it’s high time to end the stigma surrounding weed smoking parents

Although guzzling down wine in front of the kids is oddly more acceptable these days than smoking a J, and physicians continue to pass out pills like they’re candy, there’s no doubt that parents that choose pot are choosing not only the safest option for them but also for their children.

The benefits of cannabis cannot be denied either. From managing pain to lifting your spirits, parents can benefit from smoking a little weed in more ways than one. And there are numerous studies to prove it. So to say that pot makes you a lousy parent is just absurd at this point.

If anything, smoking weed makes you a better parent. So please, give mom and pop a break and let them have their joint in peace.

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