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Learn | 05.09.2022

Weed Moms Need To Read “Why Mommy Gets High”

Learn your way around cannabis conversations with children.

Are you a mother who uses cannabis for relief? Maybe you’re using medical marijuana to combat chronic pain, inflammation, and other conditions.

If you can relate, you definitely need to read “Why Mommy Gets High.”

This helpful book was geared toward mothers who have trouble explaining to their children why mommy gets high. Now, they can do it all within a children’s picture book.

Weed Warriors

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It’s no secret that mothers are the strongest people. After all, you carried a human being inside you for nine whole months.

In the book written by Wendy Brazill, she talks about how strong and empowering mothers need relief too. And there is absolutely no shame in that.

This book is especially helpful for mothers of toddlers and pre-school-aged children.

Honesty Is The Name Of The Game

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A recent video interview posted by the Los Angeles Times speaks with the book’s author, Wendy Brazill. 

Journalist Adam Tschorn asked Brazill why she wanted to write the story as a children’s book.

Brazill was happy to inform him that honesty is a priority for her family. She recalled her kids asking where babies come from, and her answer didn’t beat around the bush. 

“That’s how I think that weed and any medicine should be,” said Brazill. 

Shonitria Anthony, known as the “Blunt Blowin’ Mama” from her podcast of the same name, also chimed in. For her, it was a matter of getting to her children before schools did. 

The goal is to avoid children saying, “But my teacher said, but my counselor said, but my friend said,” when it should be, “this is what my mom said,” Anthony explained. 

Why Mommy Gets High

Photo by Keti Chikhladze

The key takeaway from Brazill’s book explains why mothers will be frantic one minute, then blissed out after stepping away for a few minutes.

Furthermore, it opens a child’s mind to different medicine and why some mothers choose to use it. It also talks about moderation and how mom uses weed responsibly.

As a mother to a blended family of six, Brazill knows this all too well. She opened up that life just became more enjoyable after being able to connect with her kids on a deeper level.

She even addressed her issue with alcohol. After drinking a glass of wine, all she wanted to do was send the kids off to bed so she could have another.

“With weed, it was like, ‘mom, not another book; we want to go to sleep!” Brazill says.

Ending the stigma behind weed-smoking moms starts with you, the mother.

By introducing your child to a children’s picture book about mom’s responsible cannabis use, you’re moving societal mountains through normalization.

Click here to shop Wendy Brazill’s “Why Mommy Gets High.”

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