Golden Lemons: The Perfect Strain If You Love Making Concentrates

Searching for a super potent, up and coming hybrid? Golden Lemons is fast growing, features 23% THC, and produces relaxing mind and body effects.

Dec 28, 2016

Do you love pressing hash or making extractions? Golden Lemons is the perfect strain for concentrates. Buds glisten with a sunny coating of THC-laden trichomes. This strain produces slightly drowsy effects, though, overall, Golden Lemons provides a highly enjoyable hybrid experience. Whip out this sweet scented flower when you’re hoping for a strong cannabis experience.

Strain details

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Golden Lemons was bred by renowned breeders at DNA Genetics. A cross between Kosher Kush and Lemon Skunk, this strain produces some very potent effects.

However, as a slightly indica-dominant hybrid, this strain provides an easy balance between mental and physical effects.

This strain is one for experienced cannabis consumers. While the name sounds delightful and innocent, Golden Lemons packs a punch.

This strain can produce over 23% THC, which makes it some top-shelf bud. Indica effects will become more apparent when this strain is consumed in high doses.

Buds are dusted with a lovely layer of golden crystals. A strong fruity lemon smell is the first thing that meets the nose, followed by a slight herbal quality.

The lemon flavors pull through in the taste, coupled with a distinct cannabis earthiness.

The Golden Lemons experience

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It’s best to use a three chamber grinder with this strain. The thick coat of trichomes this strain provides creates a dusty layer of kief that’s worth saving.

With such high potency, this strain provides a bit of a buzzy head high when the effects begin to set in.

While this strain is recommended for afternoon or evening use, those with some cannabis experience may find that it is fairly easy to focus and get things done with low to moderate doses of this strain.

However, the effects of this strain can be deeply sedative. In high doses, you may find yourself stuck on the couch.

Between the delicious flavor and the potency, Golden Lemons is a must-try strain for cannabis connoisseurs.The delightful lemon aroma provides an invigorating twist to an otherwise slightly sleepy strain.

This would be a good one to save for a hard day or for a chill gathering with cannabis-savvy friends.

Why do people use Golden Lemons?

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Golden Lemon is a great strain for producing concentrates. The THC levels are very high, and the buds themselves produce ample amounts of kief.

According to DNA Genetics, this strain makes lovely clear concentrates. For those who like a little more flavor, the lemon sharpness of Golden Lemons lends well to flavorful extractions.

This strain is great for anyone who needs relief from muscle tension and the physical manifestations of stress. Golden Lemons affects both the body and mind.

It eases away pain and stiffness while promoting a calm, happy, and pleasant buds. Those who benefit from highly potent strains will find a friend in Golden Lemons.

This strain may also benefit medical cannabis patients who struggle with appetite or who are searching for a fast stress relief after a difficult day.

The effects are long-lasting, which is beneficial for consumers who need serious relief.

Dec 28, 2016