Oregon Pineapple: This Crystal-Coated Hybrid Is A True Delight

Oregon Pineapple is a tropical delight from the Pacific Northwest. Focused, clear-headed, and mellow, this flower is the perfect strain to take outside.

Jan 25, 2017

Oregon Pineapple is a true treat of a strain. Tropical and slightly sour, the taste and aroma of this bud will delight the nose and tease your taste buds. Smooth and crystal coated, Oregon Pineapple provides a very moderate high with plenty of creative energy. Not too fast and not too slow, this strain is a top-notch choice for any weekday.

Strain details

Oregon Pineapple A 1 Raspberry Kush: One Of The Most Popular Indica Hybrids Around
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It’s not difficult to guess the namesake of Oregon Pineapple. Born and bred in the Pacific Northwest, the precise genetics of this strain are a little ambiguous.

Some reports suggest that this strain is a cross between OG Kush and Pineapple. Other suggest that Master Kush is the true parent.

This strain is not the most potent bud on the shelf, but Oregon Pineapple glistens with trichomes. Featuring between 13 and 20% THC, this strain is recommended for those with moderate cannabis experience. New consumers may find this flower a little on the sedative side.

Tangles of orange hairs peak out from dense, sage green flowers. Oregon Pineapple buds are quite beautiful. Tangles of orange hairs peak out from dense, sage green flowers.

Yet, it’s the flavor and aroma that really steal the show. The strain features a tropical aroma, like a sweet, herbal pineapple. A cheese-like sour, creaminess provides a nice counterbalance to a lingering sweet pineapple flavor.

The Oregon Pineapple experience

Oregon Pineapple A 2 Raspberry Kush: One Of The Most Popular Indica Hybrids Around
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This smooth-hitting hybrid produces clear and calm effects. Oregon Pineapple is energetic enough to help you get some chores done or focus on a task at hand, yet it is relaxing enough to help you go about your business worry-free.

All in all, Oregon Pineapple is pretty middle of the road in terms of sedation. This plant does have some indica heritage, which provides a nice balance to an otherwise uplifted and creative high.

These qualities make it a great strain to share, as this happy and upbeat bud is perfect for just about any occasion.

Interestingly, there are not many negatives to associate with this bud. As with most strains, Oregon Pineapple can cause dry mouth and dry eyes. However, this strain is mellow enough to avoid the paranoia and anxiety often found in sativa buds and high-potency strains.

Why do people use Oregon Pineapple?

Oregon Pineapple A 3 Raspberry Kush: One Of The Most Popular Indica Hybrids Around
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Love to spend some time hiking around the great outdoors? This strain is meant to take outside. While Oregon Pineapple can certainly make the working week a little more bearable, this bud has an upbeat spirit. Round up the friends and family for some enlightened adventure.

Medical cannabis consumers also tend to enjoy this strain for a variety of reasons. Oregon Pineapple tends to stimulate appetite, which is perfect for anyone who struggles with nausea or nervous stomach.

The gentle and jolly nature of this strain may also work well for patients with anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders.

While Oregon Pineapple is appropriate for the day, it’s unlikely that you’ll struggle to drift off to sleep after a few tastes of this tropical herb. It also is rumored to have decent pain-fighting properties, which may be highly beneficial to those who struggle to sleep due to pain.

Jan 25, 2017