7 sneaky things for toking anywhere without getting caught

Smoke anywhere, anytime.

Jan 9, 2018
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(Photo by Brianna Soukup/Portland Press Herald via Getty Images)

There’s nothing wrong with being a proud weed smoker. But not everyone has the privilege of living in a state where the herb is legal. With that said, some of us can only be so open about it. And if we had to choose, we would much rather keep smoking than wind up with a petty pot charge. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to hide to toke though. And it certainly doesn’t say that you aren’t proud to be pothead either. It just means that you have to be more careful. With the help of these 7 weed products, the discreet smoker can still enjoy their favorite plant without being too loud about it. 

1. PuffIt Portable Vaporizer

PuffIt Can you eat raw weed?
Photo courtesy of FUMA

As you can see, the PuffIt portable vaporizer is as discreet as it gets. Because it looks exactly like an inhaler, no one will ever suspect a thing. It’s lightweight too so it can easily slide in and out of your pocket or purse. Also, it comes with a removable stir tool for when you need to move around your bud. Perfect for toking on-the-go.

2. The RYOT Piper

RYOT SmellSafe Can you eat raw weed?
Photo courtesy of RYOT

Everyone could use a smell-proof bag to tote their ganja around town safely. But that’s not all the Piper can carry. You can even throw your favorite mini bong or pipe in there. Not to mention, it comes with a silicone container for extra storage. And by using its attached platinum NoGoo silicone surface, all your accessories will stay firmly in place.

3. Sploofy

Sploofy Can you eat raw weed?
Photo courtesy of Amazon

One major problem for weed smokers who prefer to be discreet is trying to cover up the distinct smell of their bud while they toke. That’s especially true if you smoke indoors. To solve that issue, you need a Sploofy, a personal air filter that removes up to 99.97% of particles.

4. The Box

OneHitter Can you eat raw weed?
Photo courtesy of Amazon

For roughly $25 on Amazon, you can get not only a one-hitter, which looks just like a regular cigarette, but also a dugout. Do be warned that the Box isn’t as useful for concealing odor as it could be, but hey, you can’t beat the price.

5. Smokeable Hoodie

SmokeHoodie Can you eat raw weed?
Photo courtesy of Hood Horkerz

Believe it or not, there’s a handblown glass pipe built into the drawstrings of this hoodie. So whether you’re chilling around the house or have errands to run, all you have to do is grab a string and sneak a puff. Oh, and everything is hidden underneath its flame resistant material so that, you know, you won’t set yourself on fire.

6. Smell Proof Fake Tampon Dube Tubes

DubeTube Can you eat raw weed?
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Ladies, this one is for you. If you want a clever way to hide your joints and blunts, look no further than these fake tampon dube tubes. They’re even smell-proof! Any nosey Nancys that decide to go through your purse will never find your goods. You just better hope they don’t try to steal a “tampon.”

7. Stashitware Pocket Underwear

Underwear Can you eat raw weed?
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Women aren’t the only ones who can hide their goods in their panties. Now the guys can too. Of course, you might not want to throw a huge pipe or anything in there because, um, yeah. But it won’t be too noticeable if you throw an eighth or so in your drawers. Just make sure you put your bud in something odor-proof first. This underwear does not mask any smell whatsoever.

Jan 9, 2018