The White: This Rare Hybrid Is One Of The World’s Strongest Strains

Featuring up to 29% THC, the White is one of the strongest around. Buds from this strain are so crystal coated that they look frosty and glistening white.

Feb 20, 2017

The White is one of the strongest strains in the world, but it can be difficult to find. Featuring a functional if indica-dominant high, The White dazzles consumers with its strong-armed yet highly euphoric buzz. Buds from this strain are so crystal coated that they look frosty and glistening white. Pick up this strain when you’re in need of a daytime strain that provides strong relief.

Strain details

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The White is an obscure hybrid that is fairly rare. However, this bud is coveted by many breeders for its potency and all around great hybrid high.

This strain has contributed to a few popular strains, including White Fire OG. White Fire OG is considered one of the strongest hybrids around as well, though strains are becoming more potent every year.

Tests of The White have revealed as much as 29 percent THC. However, more often than not you’ll find this strain with somewhere between 20 and 25 percent of the psychoactive.

If you happen to come across this bud, it is recommended for experienced consumers.

This strain is speculated to have an OG Kush lineage, and it looks that way based on growth patterns. So far, the best guess is that this strain is a phenotype of Triangle, which is an OG Kush, Purple Kush, and Master Kush cross.

Unfortunately, many OG experts do not classify it as a true member of the family, putting this mysterious flower in a class of its own.

Regardless of genetics, The White features a nice lemon pine aroma, with some floral qualities. This strain, however, isn’t known for having a particularly strong smell. Hints of sweetness and plenty of earth are the strain’s two primary aromatic components.

The experience of The White

The White 2 11 Best Clear Headed Sativa Strains To Help You Concentrate
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For some, the sedative effects of the strain are more predominant than in others. For the most part, it does provide a potent, heavy-handed high. This strain is loaded with THC, and you’ll certainly be able to tell. However, many find that they can still function quite well with this hybrid.

Though it leans to the indica side, The White provides substantial mind and body effects. In general, the high from this strain is long-lasting and fast-acting. The cerebral effects present themselves in a matter of minutes, while the heavy-bodied, relaxed physical sensations tend to settle in over the course of the experience.

Don’t be surprised if it makes you a bit hungry or you find yourself getting lost in thought or forgetting things. This is a seriously powerful herb. Those that need help getting to sleep at night will find a friend in this lovely lady. Daytime consumers will likely enjoy the smiles and fits of laughter this strain inspires.

Why do people use The White?

The White 3 11 Best Clear Headed Sativa Strains To Help You Concentrate
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One of the most notable uses for The White is breeding. as mentioned, this strain has produced a few award-winning offspring. Those interested in enhancing the potency of a hybrid project may want to consider adding a little of this spunky herb to the mix.

However, this strain also provides a nice daytime high for just about any low-key occasion. Some may find it a little on the sedative side but going out to dinner or simple chores like folding laundry will likely be far more pleasurable after a little bit of this resinous bud.

Medical cannabis patients often pick up The White for daytime pain management. While many pain patients go for full indicas for relief, some may find that The White is powerful enough to reduce symptoms, yet engaging enough to let you get on with your day.

Unfortunately, the potency of this strain can make some patients and recreational consumers anxious or paranoid. If you’re sensitive to THC, you may want to try a different bud.

Feb 20, 2017