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What It’s Like To Be High In Virtual Reality

Watch these people enter virtual reality while high, and see reality in a whole new light.

Add this to you list of things to do while high, because virtual reality games are coming, and the immersion is getting pretty intense! BuzzFeed continues to mess with people’s highs, and in this installment, they give them a virtual trip. 

Virtual happy place

One guy is asked before hand, what is your virtual reality happy place?

It’d be a Denny’s with a whole bunch of BBW models. Dancing for him, making it rain pancakes on him.

Hmm… I could get on board with that, but some of the places these guys visit are even more spectacular.

The chair

This VR simulator is designed to register head movement, but nothing else. First on the menu is a medieval meadow, filled with butterflies.

I feel like from the neck up, I’m in the meadow, but from the neck down, I’m not. I can’t just tell if it’s cuz I’m really high or not.

The body that supports your head is sitting in a chair with its hands on its lap. As a generic person, it only has one design, which surprises one guy looking down.

My… I’m caucasian! Oh snap!

Now that is a trip!

Other trips

Next, the world changes to a city street with rain pouring down, and finally, into outer space as asteroids break up over the atmosphere. The visual is pretty impressive as far as simulators are concerned, but these guys aren’t fooled.

And not to sound like a Nazi, but the Earth kinda does look flat.

And of course, other obvious breaks with reality are readily apparent, as well as some shortcomings on the part of the designers.

I feel like there should be an objective, like I should get away from the Sun, but there’s no way to do this, right? This game is just here to panic you, is that what it is?

Nice try, but no cigar

That’s right. Despite the proliferate stereotype, stoners aren’t easily fooled, or stupid. They will pick apart flaws quickly but still have fun. Maybe this should be the standard testing program for all video games? Attention: Stoner Gamers Wanted! Sign me up!

Would you play virtual reality games while high? Do you find video games, in general, to be better or worse when you blaze first? What are your favorite games to play while high? (Spyro the Dragon gets my vote) Share with us on social media or in the comments below.

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