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25 Greatest Ever Albums You Need To Smoke With On Vinyl Record Day

Bust out the turntables. Today is Vinyl Record Day, and we all know that good herb and good tunes are all you really need for the best time.

August 12th is Vinyl Record Day, celebrating the sound and culture of the classic music medium. From small independent record stores to the unique sound that comes from those amazing black discs, vinyl has an awesome history. While CD’s and digital have made music portable, nothing will ever compare to the milk crate stacked music medium that spawned the tradition of album art forever. To pay homage to the vinyl comeback, here are 25 epic albums you have to own! Every turntable itches for these hits., which are listed in no particular order.

1. Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd

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2. Kind of Blues – Miles Davis

3. Discovery – Daft Punk

4. Revolver – The Beatles

5. Live in Europe – Rory Gallagher

6. Blonde on Blonde – Bob Dylan

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7. Kid A – Radiohead

8. The Chronic – Dr. Dre

9. Blue – Joni Mitchell

10. Body and Soul – Joe Jackson

11. Led Zeppelin IV – Led Zeppelin

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12. What’s Going On – Marvin Gaye

13. Thriller – Michael Jackson

14. Lazaretto – Jack White

15. The Velvet Underground & Nico – The Velvet Underground

16. At Folsom Prison – Johnny Cash

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17. The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars – David Bowie

18. MTV Live Unplugged in New York – Nirvana

19. Rumours – Fleetwood Mac

20. Paul’s Boutique – Beastie Boys

21. In The Wee Small Hours – Frank Sinatra

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22. Live Rust – Neil Young

23. Exile on Main Street – The Rolling Stones

24. Is This It – The Strokes

25. Love Over Gold – Dire Straits

How many of these classic albums have you listened to before? Does the sound of vinyl stand out in your soul? Tell us what prized albums you’ll be listening to on vinyl record day on social media or in the comments below.

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