Watch This THC Nasal Spray Stop Seizures In 20 Seconds

The future has arrived. This THC nasal spray by Cannatol Rx can stop grand mal seizures in about 20 seconds. In doubt? Watch the video.

Feb 10, 2017 - Anna Wilcox

By now, millions around the world have seen the astounding effects of cannabidiol (CBD) in pediatric seizures. In 2013, Charlotte Figi and her family went public with their choice to use medical marijuana oils as a primary treatment for pediatric epilepsy. Today, one cannabis company has created a game-changing new product with patients and their families in mind. Watch Cannatol Rx Rescue, a THC nasal spray, quiet seizures in 20 seconds.

THC nasal spray stops seizures

Cannatol Rx Rescue is a cannabis nasal spray that delivers an even five-milligram dose of THC per spray. Though the Cannatol RX team cannot make any miraculous claims about their product, watching this nasal spray kick in during an epileptic seizure is almost like watching magic.

As Jason Cranford, the inventor of Cannatol RX, explains,

When the nasal spray is administered, within 20 seconds the seizures are stopping. I’ve noticed this on the videos, and its in multiple videos, like if you actually watch the parent with the Rescue Med, they start counting after the spray hit, and it’s around 20 seconds for ever single child, everytime they take this, 20 seconds later the grand mal seizures stop.

These results, it’s safe to say, are an inspiration to parents and the cannabis community alike. Thanks to the progressive marijuana laws in the state of Colorado, Cranford and the Cannatol RX team were able to create a new, natural product and begin helping patients in need.

A natural remedy to the rescue

Watch This THC 1 Where Did The Huge Social Stigma On Cannabis Users Come From?
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Cranford didn’t start this company alone. He worked with a compounding pharmacist to try to mimic pharmaceutical rescue medications, which are emergency treatments used to stop seizures in their tracks. The Cannatol RX difference? Both Cranford and his partner wanted to use all organic ingredients.

Rescue medicines are life-saving tools to children with intractable epilepsy. Patients are diagnosed with intractable epilepsy after their condition fails to respond to conventional treatments. With each seizure, patients face the very real risk of dying or further brain damage. As Cranford explains,

There is a specific seizure type called a tonic-clonic/grand mal seizure, and this occurs when a child falls on the ground, they start convulsing violently.

These seizures can go on upwards of five minutes, which is called a status seizure. These seizure types are lethal, so when you see children die of epilepsy it is usually from a status seizure.

In this video, you can see the THC nasal spray begin to work within half of a minute. In this particular instance, parents gave children a couple of sprays in each nostril. Miraculously, the spasms slow to a stop and the child is finally given a chance to recover.

Cranford himself has been changed by what he has witnessed while working with five epileptic patients and their families. He explains:

There’s over a dozen AED (anti-epileptic) drugs and to see all of these drugs getting expired and not be effective and not help the patient with the seizure.

Then, we make an oil that’s just an organic oil that’s derrived from a plant and it’s doing the job that those pharmaceuticals can’t do, it’s a little mindblowing to me.

The power of Cannatol Rx

Cannatol Rx Where Did The Huge Social Stigma On Cannabis Users Come From?
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The effects of Cannatol Rx Rescue spray are incredible to witness. This nasal spray is currently available in Colorado. However, the company hopes to soon expand and provide safe access to patients in other parts of the country.

To see for yourself, watch the video below. To learn more about Cannatol Rx, visit

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