Strains Sense: 10 Strains For The Avid Hiker

Lace-up; we're heading outside.

The stoner migration is upon us.

Weed smokers are finally heading outdoors after a long, dreadful winter.

If you reside somewhere with hot sun year-round, I envy you. But for those with chilling winters, it’s finally our time to thrive.

With summer comes a ton of newly-opened hiking trails and paths. If you’re an avid hiker, perhaps you enjoy a little weed on your outdoor journeys.

Don’t be surprised if most of the strains below are pure Sativas or Sativa-dominant hybrids. We did tie in a few Indica-leaning buds, but after frequent use, they may make you a tad sleepy when wandering the great outdoors.

We suggest using the ten strains below if you really want to make the most of your time hiking through nature’s lush hills and valleys.

Alaskan Thunder Fuck

With a name that includes Alaska, expect some cerebral stimulation when traveling in the great outdoors. Alaskan Thunder Fuck, also known as ATF, is a cheerful Sativa strain that packs mouthwatering flavors like pine, lemon, and menthol.

It’s a very energizing strain with roughly 20% THC and produces other effects like creativity, hunger, and happiness.

Mango Haze

This pure Sativa strain is great for users who want a little more flavor in their seshes.

It sits around 20-24% THC and offers a beautiful mango flavor and aroma. Because this strain is such an energetic and upbeat Sativa, it’s the perfect pairing for outdoor hikes when you need a boost of motivation.

Hawaiian Dream

Photo by Gregory Woodman

If you’re a fan of tropical and vibrant strains, try Hawaiian Dream for your next hike. Its lively and exciting effects are great for completing daily tasks like walking for miles through the valley.

If you often get cannabis-induced paranoia or anxiety, this Sativa strain has a balanced ratio of THC and CBD.

Sundae Driver

If your head starts hurting at the thought of smoking a Sativa, try a balanced yet energizing Hybrid like Sundae Driver. It contains around 21-25% THC, delivering physical and mental euphoria along with feelings of relaxation and peace of mind.

It offers just enough relaxation to keep you at ease without looking for a spot to rest.

White Widow

Another popular strain that’s perfect for hiking is White Widow. It’s a balanced hybrid strain that contains 18-22% THC. We suggest using this strain during a hike because, unlike other hybrids, it doesn’t make the user sleepy.

Instead, the 50/50 split of Sativa and Indica offers uplifting and energetic effects along with sensations of relaxation and ease.

Strawberry Cough

Photo by Allie Lehman

If you’re looking for a whimsical and upbeat high during your hike, grab some Strawberry Cough. It’s a delightful Sativa strain that’s packed with beneficial terpenes like myrcene, pinene, and caryophyllene.

Besides that, it offers a blanket of euphoria and physical go-getter effects to keep your legs moving on the trail. Its THC content is around 17-21%.

Cinderella 99

Spin into the ball with this Sativa-dominant hybrid. Cinderella 99 offers a stimulating cerebral high with tons of physical and mental energy. It has a pretty high THC content, ranging from 19-25%.

It’s known to rid the user of stress, anxiety, and negative thoughts while helping them finish tasks with an energetic and euphoric kick.

Agent Orange

Balance the mind on body on your next hike with the hybrid strain Agent Orange.

It’s a great strain to smoke outdoors, as it offers just enough physical relaxation to keep you calm, but with tons of stimulating effects to keep you motivated.

It’s a delicious strain with roughly 19% THC, lifting the mood and pleasing the palate with hints of citrus and pine.

Sour Tangie

Photo by Allie Lehman

Sour Tangie is a brilliant Sativa-dominant hybrid that’s 80% Sativa and 20% Indica.

This is an excellent ratio for relishing nature’s stunning scenery and staying on your feet for hours. It has about 20% THC and delivers a strong citrus flavor paired with energetic and creative effects.

It’s truly the perfect hiking strain; not too tiring and not too buzzy.


CNDYLND, also known as Candyland, is a potent Sativa-dominant hybrid that offers the perfect effects for outdoor seshes. It ranges from 17-25% THC and delivers a buzzy head high that’ll keep your body moving with energy.

It’s a very uplifting and optimistic high, perfect for cherishing those precious moments in the sun.


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