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Strains Sense: Strains That Will Help Keep Your Tolerance Low

Train your tolerance with these five strains.

Not everyone likes getting absolutely ripped. Some of us prefer hitting strains with lower THC contents to avoid cannabis-induced anxiety and paranoia. 

Others hit low-THC strains for a subtle pick-me-up, allowing them to perform their daily tasks without feeling too stoned to function. 

And finally, there are seasoned cannabis users. This group may have trouble lowering their tolerance, especially if they prefer potent and high-THC strains. 

We’re here to tell you that it’s not only possible to lower your tolerance, but you can do so while still getting high and experiencing the uplifting effects of cannabis. 

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, keep reading for our list of five strains to help lower your tolerance. 


The name might sound a little eerie, but we’re not clowning around when we say Pennywise is excellent for lowering your tolerance. 

This is due to its balanced ratio of THC to CBD, both sitting at 8%. This way, you can still feel the refreshing and relaxing Indica buzz but also feel more clear-headed and willing to finish your daily tasks. 

The psychoactive effects are mild but still present, washing the user with small bursts of euphoria and mental clarity.


If you’re looking for a more energetic experience, try the Sativa strain Harlequin. 

Its effects are often described as a pillow of comfort, perfect for relieving chronic pain, aches, and tenderness. Its psychoactive effects are rather mild but still present, stimulating the mind with 5% THC. 

It also contains 9% CBD to help the user ward off unwanted stress and anxiety. 


This award-winning Sativa strain has been praised for its energetic, cerebral effects and optimistic nature. 

It’s a skunky and earthy strain that offers upbeat and social effects with tons of energy thanks to its Sativa lineage. There is little to no CBD in this strain, and its THC content is roughly 11%. 

It’s an excellent tool to help ward off social anxiety and ease you through nerve-wracking moments. 

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Want a little balance in your days? Try the hybrid strain Cannatonic. 

It’s a smooth-sailing strain with a comforting THC content of 4% alongside 9% CBD. The effects are said to be short-lived but refreshing, helping the user chill out and shift into a more positive state of mind. 

It might make you a bit sleepy after back-to-back use, but it’s mostly known to help treat physical pain, insomnia, depression, stress, migraines, and inflammation. 


Hurkle is another great option for those who prefer hybrid strains but don’t like feeling overly high. 

It contains 7% CBD and 4% THC, helping the user relax with mild and whimsical psychoactive effects. Both these cannabinoids work off each other to rid the body of mental and physical stress without tiring the user. 

It’s a great option to smoke at any time of day when you’re in need of a subtle and light buzz. 

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