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The Most Expensive Strains Around The World

There are some fancy strains out there! Here are the most expensive strains around the world.

Cannabis is a gift from nature. You can grow your own herb, or you can buy some from your trusted and reputable source. Some strains are cheaper and easily acquired, while others are a luxury only some can afford.

We put together this list of the most expensive strains found around the globe. These strains are more expensive than the norm because of their qualities and characteristics. Some of them are insanely expensive due to their THC content, while others are so because of their popularity.

Regardless of the reason behind the high cost of the strain, you will want to smoke them no matter what. Prepare for your taste buds to tingle, your mouth to salivate, and your mind to crave these delicious flowers. 

Island OG

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Island OG is an Indica-dominant strain that, unlike other indicas, has effects that are more euphoric and energetic. It has a price of $800 per ounce, making it one of the most expensive strains out there. 

 This strain has very attractive effects; usually, indicas are very relaxing. Sometimes it’s almost like a sedating effect that glues you to the couch. Island OG is recommended for daytime use; it has an initial euphoric and energetic kick, perfect for a quiet day, but is not going to sedate you.

 Its THC levels are between 25% and 27%, making it really trippy and strong for beginner users. This hybrid strain was made by crossing Legend OG with Orange Blossom Trail. It has some citrus aromas and a dense, sticky consistency. 

 Several users assure that this strain helps them through their work day. It can also help with depression or anxiety. Overall, a very attractive strain, but with that price, not for daily use; maybe to get yourself a gift.


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The XJ-13 stands just in the middle, a 50/50 hybrid with a price of $375 per ounce. It has high medical uses, and a lot of users feel comfortable treating their conditions with this strain. For recreational purposes, it is not that strong and has very friendly effects.

 People may believe that the higher the price of a strain, the stronger and more likely it is to have psychedelic effects. The price of these strains depends on how careful they were with the genetic work. Finding the perfect strain for each occasion is what makes the strains on this list so expensive. 

 XJ-13 has THC levels of around 22%. Because it is 50% indica and 50% sativa, it can be easily balanced throughout the day. It has some citrus aromas with some pine and a spice kick. The effects are related to euphoria, uplifting feelings, and relaxation.

 Users recommend this strain for socializing and recreation. Because it is not that strong, it can help you loosen up a bit for any social contact. Also, some users report big impacts on some medical conditions like stress, anxiety, mood swings, or depression. A very balanced strain for many occasions.


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Oracle can get kind of dangerous; this strain has reported levels of THC above 40%. Its origins are unknown, and because of this, a lot of clone strains have been released over the years. 

This strain has very potent aromas, with sweet notes like berries and herbal hints. The taste is close to some earthy-citric feeling, and the effects are strong but not too trippy. It is recommended to stay at home and do some light work.

 The price of this strain may vary depending on the accuracy of the genetic background. The original Oracle can be found for about $800 per ounce. Its origins remain unknown, and the only way to know that it is real is when that 40% THC hits. 

 This strain is not recommended for beginners, and there are no reports of medical use. It gives extreme boosts of happiness that come and go. Users recommend using this strain in a calm environment where there is not too much to do. It can get tricky to control the effects, but with some practice, you can have a very pleasant experience.

White Fire OG

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White Fire OG may be the most friendly strain on this list. Many users report this strain as their favorite, and a lot of information about its medical uses can be found on the internet. Leaving aside some mental conditions like anxiety or depression, this strain is used for glaucoma, cancer, and even appetite loss.

 Its price is not as impressive as $800 per ounce, but considering all the different strains out there, $260 per ounce is not that cheap. Also called “WiFi OG” or just “WIFI,” this strain has some sour and earthy aromas. 

With over 22% THC levels, this strain promotes creativity and is ideal for social activities. It is not very strong and can be controlled easily. White Fire OG is created by combining Fire OG and The White.

Because of its light effects, it is highly recommended for medical purposes. Pain can also be reduced, and because of its high cerebral effects, it can be consumed at any time of the day.

Loud Dream

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Loud Dream is the strain with the lowest THC levels on the list. It has only 14%, but that does not mean that it has light effects. This Sativa-dominant strain hits really hard in a very short time. If it is not dosed properly, some dizziness and paranoia can be present.

This strain again stands at the $800 per ounce spot. It is not recommended for beginner users because of how strong it hits. The effects stand on a thin line between focus, giggles, dizziness, and paranoia. Whether you cross or not is up to your head.

Loud Dream is created by combining a Blue Dream F1 and itself. It has low THC levels, and the effects are closer to energizing than calming. The aromas are spicy and herbal, with some tropical taste.

Users recommend this strain for light hobbies—nothing too extreme. Because of the giggly effect, this strain also works for watching comedy movies or playing video games. As said before, this strain needs to be consumed with care. It is not recommended for medical use because of its strong kick.

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