Afghan Kush Marijuana Strain

Afghan Kush is one of the purest Indica plants available. Hypnotic and heavy-hitting, the plant is often used to make hashish.

Afghan Kush Strain

Have you ever tried a pure indica? Afghan Kush is a landrace strain that adds strong indica effects to many modern hybrids. Every cannabis connoisseur should taste this flower at least once in their lives. If only to get a frame of reference for what a true indica can be. The Afghan Kush is a heavy yielding, resinous and relatively easy to grow for beginners. It has a sweet, pine flavor and is great for treating insomnia and producing a strong body high.

Afghan Kush Experience

Get ready for a lovely physical experience. This indica is all body and little mind. You might find yourself in a bit of a foggy, dreamy sort of state with a light euphoria. You can also expect plenty of deep body relaxation.

It’s not uncommon to feel a bit heavy-lidded after just a taste or two of Afghan Kush. Surprisingly potent for a landrace strain, this flower will put you to sleep in a hurry.

Though some newer strains will have a bit more of a narcotic effect, the power of Afghan Kush is something to behold.

As is probably obvious, Afghan Kush is an evening or nighttime strain. You won’t want to use this flower if you have a lot to get done. Afghan Kush makes the perfect nightcap to a long or stressful day.

When your body aches, there are few better cannabis remedies than this flower. This weed is the pure Indica cultivar that has grandfathered many of the popular hybrids available today.

A hypnotic flower, this strain has a way of reconnecting you with your body. This strain is an excellent choice for those who need to come back down to earth. The Afghan Kush marijuana strain creates a heavy physical sensation, almost as if the plant is pulling you down to the ground.

Marijuana fans can enjoy this strain in a number of different ways, including;

  • Afghan Kush Oil Pens may be available from select brands, depending on region.
  • Afghan Kush shatter, Afghan Kush wax, and other concentrates are also available from a number of retailers.

Traits of Afghan Kush and Afghan Kush Seeds

Afghan Kush is a landrace strain from, you guessed it, Afghanistan and the Hindu Kush mountain region. A landrace strain is a pure cannabis strain indigenous to a specific region. In this case, Afghan Kush is a short, fat indica that’s often used in hashish cultivation.

Since Afghan Kush is “pure” it hasn’t been subjected to the agricultural hybridization and most modern day strains. So, this is about as true of an indica as it gets. While most hybrids contain soaring amounts of THC, Afghan Kush’s THC content is naturally high. It hovers at around 17%.

This strain has a classic Kush flavor and aroma. It has a distinct pungency with plenty of spice. It also has a lovely sweetness to it, which amplifies the herbal taste. Overall, Afghan Kush is truly some dank herb. A lot of users have reported a sweet, Pinesol-type smell from the strain, and it’s popular amongst insomniacs and those needing pain relief. This is a great “beginner” marijuana strain as it’s easy to grow, especially in warmer climates.

This marijuana strain frequently used as a source for Charas and Afghani hash. Seeds were made available by the White Label Seed Company.

The buds of this strain are heavy in resin, and are thick-topped and blunt. The leaves are wide, dark and green. This is a real Indica!

Medical Benefits of Afghan Kush

This classic Indica strain’s popularity endures in part due to its potent medicinal effects. Medical consumers tend to enjoy this strain for severe nausea and lack of appetite. The potent body-heavy effects also make this a great choice for pain.

  • The sedative experience of this strain makes it suitable for relief from insomnia and other sleep disorders
  • The Afghan Kush strain produces a heavy, body-centered experience which makes it popular among patients searching for chronic pain relief
  • Don’t be surprised if your stomach starts to growl. Afghan Kush can be a powerful appetite stimulator, which may be helpful to those with caxacia, loss of appetite, and other eating disorders
  • Mental health conditions like depression and anxiety may also benefit from this herb’s ability to take you out of your head and into the realm of physical bliss
August 15, 2016 — Last Updated October 19, 2020
Written by Anna Wilcox

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August 15, 2016 — Last Updated October 19, 2020
Written by Anna Wilcox

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