Allen Wrench Marijuana Strain

Allen Wrench is a Sativa marijuana strain. This racy cross between Trainwreck and NYC Diesel is a great morning strain, leaving cannabis consumers feeling energized and creative.

Allen Wrench Weed; Allen Wrench Cannabis Strain; Allen Wrench Sativa Marijuana Strain

When they’re looking for a little creative inspiration, marijuana enthusiasts often reach for this flower the same way a carpenter would reach for a real Allen Wrench. This energetic Sativa cross between Trainwreck and NYC Diesel offers THC content anywhere between 16-28%, but typically somewhere in the low 20s. A great morning strain, pair this one with a cup of coffee to start your day the right way.


Allen Wrench Experience

With such lauded strain’s in its family tree, marijuana consumers are right in expecting a top-shelf experience from this herb. Thankfully, Allen Wrench does not disappoint. A few minutes after consuming, cannabis enthusiasts will notice that familiar pressure in their temples, signaling that an invigorating headrush is about to arrive.

Uplifting and occasionally bordering on the euphoric, this cerebral buzz gets the creative juices flowing. For many cannabis consumers, the racy mental experience can be overwhelming. While it can definitely take some getting used to, the high is not for everyone. Less experienced and THC sensitive weed consumers should be wary.

For those that enjoy this herb, however, it can be a delightful way to start the day or supercharge some chores and hobbies. Don’t forget to pack your Allen Wrench when motivation is in short supply.


Traits of Allen Wrench and Allen Wrench Seeds

This flower’s NYC Diesel heritage is most evident in its aroma. A powerful fuel tang fills the air wherever these nugs go. There are also some skunky undertones, and a definite citrus burst once the marijuana strain is ground up.

Exceptionally smooth on the inhale, this herb offers up a fuller expression of those citrus scents, with tart and sweet lemon and a grounding earthiness. It can be hard to disguise the pungent smoke, which is something to remember for marijuana consumers concerned about discretion.

Showing off typical Sativa traits, this plant produces spade or cylinder shaped nugs with vibrant green leaves. Orange pistils are knotted all through the foliage, with a nice dusting of clear trichomes coating the surface. These shimmering crystals give this weed a sticky hand feel.


Medical Benefits Allen Wrench

Lacking in that Indica heritage means this potent herb doesn’t offer much in the way of physical remedies. Medical marijuana patients looking for help managing a number of more psychological could have found an answer to their prayers.

  • Those who suffer from fatigue might find the burst of energy this strain provides to be enough to power them through the day
  • Depression, stress and anxiety can all take a hit with this herb, but in larger amounts some may run the risk of exacerbating their existing anxious condition
  • This bud has been known to inspire the munchies, which can be good news for marijuana patients suffering a lack of appetite
February 12, 2018 — Last Updated
Written by Dan Ophaug

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February 12, 2018 — Last Updated
Written by Dan Ophaug

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