Blue Crack Weed; Blue Crack Cannabis Strain; Blue Crack Hybrid Marijuana Strain
strains | 01.01.2022

Blue Crack Marijuana Strain

Blue Crack is a Hybrid marijuana strain. Far from the aggressive herb its name suggests, this balanced plant will leave cannabis consumers feeling happy, focused and relaxed.

What happens when you mix Green Crack with Blue Dream? Turquoise Dream? Not quite. Blue Crack brings together two highly celebrated strains to offer marijuana enthusiasts an energizing and subtly calming high. With THC levels averaging in the low 20% range, this strain should be approached with caution by cannabis newcomers.


Blue Crack Experience

Thanks to its Green Crack heritage, Blue Crack starts off with an uplifting cerebral high. Marijuana enthusiasts should ride the wave of energy to get things done. This burst of energy fades into the signature mellow relaxation of Blue Dream. Much like its parent plant, this sense of relaxation isn’t overpowering, allowing marijuana enthusiasts to enjoy the upbeat effects of the Sativa side of this herb a little longer.

Thanks to its nice balance, roughly 60/40 Sativa to Indica, this herb’s more cerebral leanings don’t become overpowering. Marijuana enthusiasts won’t feel cloudy or spacey, but can instead enjoy stimulating conversation, making this herb perfect for social events.

For those marijuana consumers who prefer to use vapes, Blue Crack vape juice is available from T Daawg Labs.


Traits of Blue Crack and Blue Crack Seeds

One of the more obvious ways this herb shares its Sativa lineage is in its buds. While they look dense, the leaf structure is actually quite loose and almost fluffy.

Blue Crack has an alluring scent of sweet blueberries with some nice earthiness to ground its sugary aromas. These same notes carry over to this strain’s flavor, where marijuana connoisseurs may also detect a pleasing spicy finish.


Medical Benefits of Blue Crack

An excellently balanced strain, this herb is one medical marijuana patients turn to when they need relief from a variety of symptoms and ailments.

  • The uplifting but rarely overpowering cerebral effects of this flower could be an excellent way to manage depression and stress.
  • The Green Crack-indebted energy boost can be a great way for those who deal with fatigue to get through the day.
  • Pain management, especially when caused by inflammation is another of this strain’s appealing traits.

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