Blue Dog Weed; Blue God Cannabis Strain; Blue God Indica Marijuana Strain
strains | 01.01.2022

Blue God Marijuana Strain

Blue God is an Indica descended from two classic strains that provides a lush, numbing, satisfying body high in a fragrant package.

Blue God is a heavy, tasty Indica strain from Canada. It’s the child of God Bud and Blueberry, two prize-winning classics. Like any good Indica, it delivers a thick, heavy body high with strong sedative effects. Enthusiasts describe feeling spacey, sleepy, and euphoric. It’s also worth noting that this is tasty marijuana, with a sweet smell counterbalanced by undertones of damp earth.


Blue God Experience

Blue God is an increasingly popular Indica, bred by Canadian weed genius Jordan of the Islands. It’s descended from two reputable strains, God Bud and Blueberry, both of which are Cannabis Cup Winners.

It marries their characteristics perfectly, resulting in a powerful but not completely overwhelming marijuana which generally tests at 15-20% THC. If you’re looking for a great-tasting strain that’ll make you feel numb and giggly, go no further.

Although there are some mental effects, this cannabis primarily provides a physical high. It’s the kind of sedative and hypnotic weed that will make enthusiasts fascinated by cartoons, or the sound of rain, or the texture of the wallpaper.

Following that, it often produces a deep, dreamless sleep. Moreover, pain-relieving effects are present, meaning that this marijuana could be useful for those dealing with chronic aches.

This strain is available in shatter form from numerous retailers.


Traits of Blue God and Blue God Seeds

This is some very photogenic weed. The buds are chunky and deep purple, and dusted with a surprising number of clear trichomes. They emit a lovely smell, which marries classic Indica skunk and pine with the fragrance of blueberry muffins.

When ignited, this strain produces a slightly harsh smoke that preserves the fruit flavor of the buds, but marries it to a deep earthiness.


Medical Benefits of Blue God

This heavy-hitting strain is starting to make waves in the marijuana community amongst medical patients as well as recreational consumers. This is in part down to its nice range of therapeutic benefits.

  • Has considerable anesthetic effects which might be useful for those suffering from minor pain disorders
  • Powerful sedative effects may be of use to those suffering from insomnia
  • Instills euphoria and calm that could be helpful to patients dealing with extreme stress

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