Blue Hawaiian Marijuana Strain

Blue Hawaiian is a Hybrid marijuana strain known for its colorful appearance. Blue Hawaiian can leave marijuana enthusiasts feeling creative, euphoric and even aroused.

Blue Hawaiian Weed; Blue Hawaiian Cannabis Strain; Blue Hawaiian Hybrid Marijuana Strain

Blue Hawaiian is a Jordan of the Island’s product famed for its great looking nugs and uplifting Sativa high. Created by crossing Blueberry with a Hawaiian Sativa Landrace, this strain offers a bump in energy and creativity, as well as physical and mental relaxation.


Blue Hawaiian Experience

While it can take a few minutes for this strains high to kick in, there’s no mistaking it once it arrives. With a THC level around 20%, this strain offers a combination of mental uplift and physical relaxation melts away stress and anxiety, while some marijuana consumers notice a pleasant boost in creativity or even arousal.

In larger doses, this strain can produce some visual, almost psychedelic effects. Those looking to avoid these kinds of effects should stick to smaller doses, where cannabis consumers can expect a clear-headed lucidity that can be great for productivity.


Traits of Blue Hawaiian and Blue Hawaiian Seeds

Cannabis consumers will be hard pressed to resist the sweet aroma of fruit and berries this strain gives off. Flavorwise it is much the same, adding some tropical fruit flavors, while connoisseurs will detect just a hint of spiciness in the exhale.

Blue Hawaiian’s real claim to fame is in its appearance. Flowers have bright orange pistils coursing all the way through their almost lime green leaves. If plants are exposed to cold temperatures at the right point in their growth cycle, marijuana consumers will note blue and purple hues in the leaves.

These colors come from the anthocyanin pigments this strain inherits from its Blueberry parent. This is some pretty sticky weed that can be tough to break up by hand thanks to the thick coating of sparkling white trichomes.


Medical Benefits of Blue Hawaiian

While recreational consumers love this strains bag appeal, medical marijuana patients also find it valuable.

  • The physically relaxing effects make this an excellent strain for patients suffering from headaches, general stiffness and even more chronic pain
  • In large enough doses this strain can even be of use to those marijuana patients suffering from insomnia
  • Patients looking to manage symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression can also look to this strain
November 29, 2017 — Last Updated
Written by Dan Ophaug

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November 29, 2017 — Last Updated
Written by Dan Ophaug

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