Critical Jack Weed; Critical Jack Cannabis Strain; Critical Jack Hybrid Marijuana Strain
strains | 01.01.2022

Critical Jack Marijuana Strain

Energizing and uplifting, Critical Jack is as alert and smooth as a strong cup of coffee. If you need some get-up-and-go in the morning but want to avoid overstimulation, this sativa-dominant hybrid is the perfect way to start your day.

Critical Jack is a Hybrid marijuana strain that’s perfect for sparking inspiration. This strain leaves you feeling creative and focused to get things done, so be sure to pick some up if you’re on a deadline.


Critical Jack Experience

Critical Jack is a zesty Sativa-dominant hybrid. An offspring of Critical + and Jack Herer, this strain is happy, euphoric and focused. Unlike many Indica strains, a taste of this flower is like a strong and smooth cup of coffee. It heights the senses, but is not sedative or hazy in the slightest.

This marijuana strain has a moderately high THC levels. You can expect between 15 and 20% of the psychoactive cannabinoid in these buds. That’s just enough to boost your mood and provide relaxation without becoming overwhelmed.

Recreational marijuana consumers will find that this strain is excellent for getting things done. If you need a helping hand with a project or want to calm down and concentrate for a deadline, Critical Jack is a great choice. It’s energizing enough to be used in the morning, but it doesn’t have as much of that racy edge found in some pure Sativas.


Traits of Critical Jack and Critical Jack Seeds

Critical Jack seeds produce nugs that are a little thin, albeit with a nice layer of trichomes. While not the most inspiring buds to look at, this strain more than makes up for it with its flavors and aromas.

As soon as someone sparks up this strain, marijuana consumers will be drawn to the lemon aromas. Floral and sweet notes linger in the background but make no mistake, this is some citrusy weed. Real marijuana enthusiasts may even detect some spicy pepper. On the inhale this strain expresses some hashy lineage with a few spicy, sweet flavors on the exhale. The smoke is remarkably smooth, making it a great option for marijuana consumers who find they often cough while smoking.


Medical Benefits of Critical Jack

The smooth smoke and relatively mellow flavors make this a popular choice for medical marijuana patients looking for an easy going, non-fussy strain. Its medicinal benefits are far from ordinary, however.

  • Medical marijuana consumers often love this strain for appetite stimulation. If stress is causing an upset stomach, Critical Jack can calm your nerves and inspire a belly rumble or two
  • This is a mentally-focused strain, so those with brain fog from depression or chronic fatigue may benefit from this herbal remedy
  • Those with ADD/ADHD might appreciate the focused effects of this strain
  • Many marijuana patients also love Critical Jack for headache and migraine relief

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