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strains | 10.19.2020

Dr. Who Marijuana Strain

The Dr. Who cannabis strain is a relaxed and carefree flower with a knack for quieting muscle spasms. Pick up this creative flower for the afternoon.

Named for the quirky shape-shifting timelord from the series Dr. Who, this strain is a smooth and tasty indica-dominant hybrid. This strain is great for indica fans who need to get some work done without being too sedated. Dr. Who has plenty of heavy-bodied and pain-fighting benefits while also producing a focused and enlightened head high. While this strain may be on the strong side, it is mellow, easygoing, and dreamy overall.

Dr. Who Experience

Dr. Who is a sleepy indica hybrid with an intoxicating flavor and aroma. The spicy, sweet orange fragrance in this flower is the perfect compliment to a mind-bending, exotic high Dr. Who produces. Many find that the Dr. Who cannabis strain provides a physically heavy yet mentally focused experience. You may find yourself feeling laid back after a little of this herb, but most can expect a functional and upbeat experience overall.

While this strain is indica dominant, Dr. Who isn’t likely to leave you unmotivated or couch-locked. Rather, this strain provides a very relaxed high that can allow you to get things done with ease. Of course, the sedative effects of this strain become more pronounced in high doses.

Creative, this strain is a good choice for artistic types. This flower has a way of stimulating abstract thought, helping consumers connect seemingly unrelated concepts. The focused and uplifting nature of these flowers might even provide the motivation some need to finish up a project or two.

A great choice for a calm afternoon and for mellow, easygoing activities. You’re not likely to go out and run a 5k after this strain, but it can certainly help you unwind after a long day.

Perfect before dinner time, this strain can increase appetite and may even inspire a friendly conversation or two.

Having some snacks on hand before partaking in this bud is a wise idea. After a few puffs of this euphoric flower, marijuana enthusiasts may find themselves headed for the fridge. Bed might seem appealing to those who consume a little too much, however.

Marijuana fans can enjoy this strain in a number of different ways, including;

  • Dr. Who Oil Pens may be available from select brands, depending on the region.
  • Dr. Who shatter, Dr. Who wax, and other Dr. Who concentrates are also available from a number of retailers.

Traits of Dr. Who and Dr. Who Seeds

TGA Subcool Seeds has introduced many ultra popular and delicious strains to the market. Dr. Who is one of them. This potent indica-dominant hybrid is a cross between Mad Scientist and Trainwreck, a combo that is quick to send you off into dreamy space.

A potent strain, Dr. Who can feature up to 23% THC. With such a high number, this strain is recommended for experienced consumers. Cannabis novices may find it just a little too sleepy or sedative, making it difficult to get off of the couch.

Dr. Who’s aroma is quite pleasant, with bursts of sweet citrus and some more humble earthy qualities. Great for growers in damp climates, the strain is said to have good resistance to mold and mildews.

This strain can produce four different phenotypes overall, including ones that express a beautiful purple coloration.

Medical Benefits of Dr. Who

While the Timelord may not have been an actual doctor, his namesake has a bevy of therapeutic benefits to offer medical marijuana patients.

  • Many medical cannabis patients pick up this cannabis strain for relief from muscle spasms.
  • The upbeat and cheerful nature of this herb also makes it popular among those seeking relief from mental health conditions, including mood disorders and chronic stress.
  • This strain has a way of making your stomach growl. This quality makes it a valuable tool for those who struggle with appetite or gastrointestinal discomfort.
  • This strain’s high THC content and soothing body-heavy effects make this bud popular among those seeking relief from chronic pain.

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