Flo Marijuana Strain

Searching for a mellow yet clear-headed hybrid? Flo is an award-winning strain that leaves marijuana consumers feeling energized and creative while offering a wealth of medicinal benefits. Popularized by DJ Short, Flo is still a major player in the marijuana community.

Flo Weed; Flo Cannabis Strain; Flo Hybrid Marijuana Strain

Flo occasionally goes by DJ Short’s Flo, after its most famous propagator. No matter the name, marijuana consumers searching for a mellow yet clear-headed hybrid have found a winning strain. This strain is slightly Sativa dominant and features moderate THC levels. Popular in Colorado, this is an excellent choice for novice or occasional cannabis consumers.


Flo Experience

This strain is a lovely Sativa-dominant hybrid that hails from the Netherlands. The effects are often described as light, clear-headed, mellow, and calm. This strain is known to be energetic, but the overall experience is not over the top. Rather, this strain promotes an upbeat and relaxed vibe that is great for daytime consumption.

This strain has Afghani and Purple Thai heritage. Afghani, an Indica landrace strain, provides some pain-fighting effects. Purple Thai offers an uplifting euphoria. Though Flo tends to have only moderate amounts of THC (16%), some patients report that the physical effects of this strain are powerful enough to relieve pain and quiet muscle spasms.


Traits of Flo and Flo Seeds

This strain features a unique aroma. It has a sweet, floral quality with a cool spiciness that is similar to menthol. Marijuana connoisseurs will be reminded of lemon on the nose, while the smoke retains this citrus flavor despite lacking any tartness.

This strain was originally bred by Dutch Passion and then propagated by the famous DJ Short.  Buds from this strain are often pear-shaped with hues of purple, orange, red, and, of course, green. Marijuana enthusiasts will delight to see this heavy, resinous nugs covered in sparkling white trichomes.


Medical Benefits of Flo

Flo has a number of medical benefits that make it popular in the medical marijuana community.

  • Medical cannabis patients tend to love flow for chronic fatigue and mental health conditions
  • Those struggling with depression often appreciate the positive mood-uplift that comes with this strain’s experience
  • Medical marijuana patients seeking assistance with ADD/ADHD also tend to like the mental clarity, focus, and creativity that this strain inspires
November 07, 2016 — Last Updated
Written by Anna Wilcox

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November 07, 2016 — Last Updated
Written by Anna Wilcox

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