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strains | 01.01.2022

Ice Wreck Marijuana Strain

Ice Wreck is a Hybrid marijuana strain. Known in the cannabis community for its soaring THC levels, this herb will leave marijuana consumers sleepy, relaxed and uplifted.

Ice Wreck has tested as high as 27.7% THC. This potent Hybrid can lean toward the sleepy side, making this strain a great afternoon or evening treat.


Ice Wreck Experience

Ice Wreck is a beastly strain bred by Crop King Seeds. This heavy Hybrid has shown enormous THC levels in tests, making it one of the most potent strains available.

The Hybrid is a cross between Ice and Trainwreck, a fast-hitting Sativa that has earned its own title as one of the most potent Sativas around.

Estimated to be a 50/50 Indica to Sativa cross, this strain often begins with a noticeable cerebral punch and burst of mental energy.

However, this bud is slow and relaxing overall, providing a strong yet balanced hybrid experience. This strain is recommended as an afternoon strain, though some expert cannabis consumers may be able to tolerate this bud during the day.


Traits of Ice Wreck and Ice Wreck Seeds

A strain this powerful deserves flavors and aromas to match. This herb offers marijuana enthusiasts a potent blast of earthy mint, pungent chemical odors and a finish of acrid, tangy skunk.

You’d never guess these small nugs pack this mighty a punch. Dense buds show of a typical Indica structure, with dark green leaves. A few striking orange pistils make their way out of the tight leaf structure.

The kicker is in this herb’s thick frosting of semi-translucent white trichomes, which make these nugs look positively icy. These crystals make Ice Wreck some seriously sticky weed – marijuana consumers would be smart to keep a grinder nearby.


Medical Benefits of Ice Wreck

Medical marijuana patients looking for a strain to help them over their potency barrier are in luck with this one, as its soaring THC levels can help them find relief from a number of symptoms.

  • Medical cannabis patients may find Ice Wreck particularly useful in the management of pain and insomnia
  • Marijuana consumers certainly won’t find it difficult to sleep, dozing off after a few tastes of this sharp, minty herb
  • Known to inspire a bad case of the munchies, Ice Wreck may also be helpful for those who struggle to maintain appetite

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