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strains | 01.01.2022

Kushadelic Marijuana Strain

Kushadelic is an Indica marijuana strain with some surprisingly upbeat effects. This strain has balanced effects, leaving marijuana enthusiasts feeling relaxed and sleepy.

Kushadelic does exactly what most marijuana enthusiasts might expect. This Indica marijuana strain has a surprising amount of cerebral kick to pair with its classic Kush effects. Those cannabis consumers looking for an uplifting head and body high would do well to pick this flower up.


Kushadelic Experience

Originally bred by Soma Sacred Seeds, this Indica plant is a cross between OG Kush and the popular G-13 Haze. Kushadelic manages to inherit the best of both parent plants.

Marijuana enthusiasts will certainly recognize the Haze traits of this plant at the onset. Cerebral and creative, this plant can provide a creative boost and increased focus—a perfect choice to plow through those mundane chores.

Spirits are lifted and the sense of euphoria can approach psychedelic levels if consumed in larger amounts. Those marijuana consumers sensitive to these effects should be warned.

As the cerebral effects begin to fade, the Kush lineage of this plant makes its presence felt. Even experienced marijuana consumers will struggle to escape this herb’s couch-locking effects. As these effects wear on, many will find themselves drifting off to a relaxing sleep.


Traits of Kushadelic and Kushadelic Seeds

Much like the name Kushadelic leaves little to the imagination, there’s no mistaking the aroma of this potent bud. Skunky and earthy, the pungent scent lingers heavy in the air. While not unpleasant, it is something to consider for cannabis consumers looking to remain discreet.

On the inhale, however, this plant reveals a different character. Pine and some sweet berry flavors are carried in by the smooth smoke. The exhale is citrusy with just a slight spicy bite.


Medical Benefits of Kushadelic

The balance of effects offered by this strain can make it a suitable remedy for a number of conditions.

  • In larger doses, this strain can be an effective remedy for insomnia.
  • The sedative and numbing effects of this herb can be an effective way to treat pain from inflammation and other causes.
  • The potent case of the munchies this flower induces can be just what medical marijuana patients are looking for if they suffer from a lack of appetite.

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