Leia OG Weed; Leia OG Cannabis Strain; Leia OG Hybrid Marijuana Strain
strains | 01.01.2022

Leia OG Marijuana Strain

Leia OG is a descendant of the potent Grape Stomper. This Indica leaning Hybrid will leave marijuana enthusiasts feeling a little sleepy, but not lazy or couch-locked.

Leia OG is an Indica-dominant Hybrid bred by Gage Green Genetics. Sleepy, euphoric, and functional, this strain is a good choice for moderate pain and insomnia.


Leia OG Experience

As part of their private collection, the team at Gage Green Genetics crossed the heavy Indica Skywalker OG with their famously hard-hitting Grape Stomper and an OG Kush father.

The result is a powerful Indica-dominant bud that packs some serious force. True to OG form, the effects of this strain are fast-acting and quickly send marijuana enthusiasts soaring off into space.

Thanks to Indica heritage, the Leia OG marijuana strain provides some sedative physical effects. Best saved for the afternoon or the evening, this herb inspires relaxation and ease.

The THC content in this strain is moderate, featuring around 16% of the psychoactive. Intermediate cannabis consumers will be well-matched for this drowsy bud. However, though this strain is a little on the sleepy side, the overall experience is functional. Marijuana consumers shouldn’t expect to be glued to the couch with this one.


Traits of Leia OG and Leia OG Seeds

The Leia OG cannabis strain features a similar scent to Grape Stomper, expressing subtle sweet grape and berry aromas. Hints of earthy musk and a sharp fuel-like quality are also present, especially in the aftertaste. Though, the overall aroma is sweet and pleasant. When grown in the right conditions, this flower can have purple coloration.


Medical Benefits of Leia OG

Gage Green Genetic’s herb might just be the new hope some medical marijuana patients are looking for thanks to its range of therapeutic properties.

  • This is an excellent choice for medical cannabis patients seeking relief from pain and muscle tension
  • Mild to moderate psychological conditions, such as anxiety, may be alleviated by this strain
  • Those marijuana consumers dealing with high or chronic stress may find turning to this herb can help to ease their woes

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