Mother of Berries Weed; Mother of Berries Cannabis Strain; Mother of Berries Indica Marijuana Strain
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Mother of Berries Marijuana Strain

Mother of Berries is a Hybrid marijuana strain. Descended from the famous Blueberry strain, this herb will leave marijuana enthusiasts feeling relaxed and uplifted.

Mother of Berries, or as its sometimes known,  M.O.B, is an almost pure Indica offspring of the legendary Blueberry strain. With THC levels around 20%, this potent flower isn’t too heavy-handed, but novice cannabis consumers should still proceed with caution.


Mother of Berries Experience

Despite being a 90/10 Indica-dominant strain, there is just enough Sativa lineage in this herb to offer a pleasantly uplifting cerebral buzz before the deep relaxation kicks in. Fits of giggles and laughter are not uncommon, as a positive vibe overcomes even the sourest of moods.

The stresses of the day will melt away as quickly as the tension knotted up in your muscles as the warm body stone creeps from head to toe. Less experienced consumers may find the body stone a little overwhelming or couch-locking, especially when consumed in larger doses.

Even seasoned marijuana enthusiasts will find themselves to feel a little sleepy as the high wears on, however. This herb is definitely one that should be saved for the evening, as its heavy-lidded effects can often prove too hard to resist.


Traits of Mother of Berries and Mother of Berries Seeds

Like its famous parent plant Blueberry, Mother of Berries’ smells strongly of… berries.

Aside from the titular aroma, this strain has a distinct skunkiness, as well as some earth tones lingering among all that sweet and fruity berry scent. This is a particularly strong smelling bud— something to bear in mind if discretion is a concern

No prizes for guessing what this bud tastes like, either. Sugary and slightly tart berry flavors tantalize the palate. The exhale in particular leaves a lingering blueberry taste that will stick with marijuana consumers long into the pleasant high.

As is typical of Indica strains, Mother of Berries seeds produce dense, chunky buds. From its Blue parent, this strain inherits the occasional purple coloration amongst its green foliage. A mess of orange pistils twist their way through these leaves and a thick coat of crystal trichomes, which make this weed a sticky proposition.


Medical Benefits of Mother of Berries

Indica’s are growing in popularity in the medical marijuana community, and this top-shelf bud has plenty to offer those looking for more sedative experiences.

  • Struggling to get a good night’s sleep? Mother of Berries can be a very effective way to combat the effects of sleeplessness and insomnia.
  • Depression, stress and other mood-related disorders can be soothed by the heavy Indica.
  • Cancer patients who experience nausea related to treatment or any other symptoms may find this herb helpful when looking to stimulate their appetites or simply manage their discomfort.

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