Swiss Cheese Marijuana Strain

Swiss Cheese is a Hybrid marijuana strain. A cross between Cheese and the discontinued Swiss Miss, this strain will leave marijuana consumers feeling sleepy, happy and relaxed.

Swiss Cheese Weed; Swiss Cheese Cannabis Strain; Swiss Cheese Hybrid Marijuana Strain

Swiss Cheese is an ultrafast growing hybrid with moderate THC levels. A great choice for beginning growers, you can expect high yields from this compact plant.


Swiss Cheese Experience

Swiss Cheese is a Nirvana Seeds creation. A cross between Cheese and Swiss Miss, this Indica-dominant hybrid is sedative and mellow. The THC content in this strain is moderate, averaging between 15 and 18% when grown in quality conditions.

The effects of this strain are classic Indica. You’re likely to experience some body-numbing couch lock and heavy lids. These drowsy characteristics make this strain best for evening or nighttime. Though, you may find that you’re a little more chatty than usual.


Traits of Swiss Cheese and Swiss Cheese Seeds

You’ll definitely be able to tell when you’ve got some Swiss Cheese in your grow room. Not a great choice for marijuana consumers or growers looking to remain discreet, this dairy delight can offer power its way out of the jar into whatever room it’s in.

This Hybrid has a unique aroma. It features plenty of old-school musk, skunk, and pungency. Yet, it has subtle hints of sweet berry and citrus. These scents are only going to get stronger once marijuana enthusiasts light the buds up.

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Medical Benefits of Swiss Cheese

This pungent Hybrid offers medical marijuana patients all of the medicinal benefits they would expect from Skunk #1, plus additional Indica leaning benefits. Cheese might be in the name, but this strain is more of a medical swiss army knife.

  • Medical consumers tend to like Swiss Cheese for mild pain relief, and muscle tension
  • Those marijuana patients who struggle sleeping will find this strain is an effective remedy for insomnia, especially in higher doses
  • Medical marijuana patients with a high enough tolerance to hold off this strain’s sleepy effects will find themselves feeling talkative, which can be nice for those looking to overcome social anxiety
September 09, 2016 — Last Updated October 22, 2020
Written by Anna Wilcox

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September 09, 2016 — Last Updated October 22, 2020
Written by Anna Wilcox

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