UK Cheese Marijuana Strain

UK Cheese is a legendary Hybrid marijuana strain. This Skunk #1 offspring has a pungent cheese aroma, leaving marijuana enthusiasts feeling creative and euphoric.

UK Cheese Weed; UK Cheese Cannabis Strain; UK Cheese Hybrid Marijuana Strain

UK Cheese first cropped up in a British commune in the 1990s. It’s become famous for its unique cheesy aroma and well-balanced Hybrid high.

UK Cheese Experience

This strain is a backcross of the legendary Exodus Cheese. As the story goes, a commune in the UK found an extra stinky cut of Skunk #1. The plant in question had an extra creamy, cheesy aroma, so they kept it around. The strain later found its way to breeders who backcrossed the original strain to make seeds. Hence, UK Cheese was born.

In reality, UK Cheese is a particular phenotype of Skunk #1. Yet, this hybrid is known for its exceptionally well-balanced effects. This strain may lean toward Sativa-dominant, but it’s the perfect treat for both mind and body. Expect a clear-headed mental relaxation and ample relief from bodily pain.

Though, cannabis newcomers might find UK Cheese to be a bit strong. The THC content in this strain can reach as high as 23%.


Traits of UK Cheese of UK Cheese Seeds

Lets cut to the chase — this weed stinks. Famously pungent, this herb smells like its name would suggest. Starting off sweet and tangy like blue cheese, marijuana connoisseurs will detect an earthy dankness once these nugs are broken up.

While the experience this strain offers is beloved, its flavors are less so. While experienced marijuana consumers may cherish the sour tang this herb offers, many might not feel the same. The strong flavors can stick to the palate, but by the time the euphoric high kicks in, marijuana enthusiasts likely won’t care at all.

UK Cheese seeds tend to produce fluffy-looking cone-shaped buds. Dark green leaves are dotted with bright orange pistils and a healthy coat of trichomes.


Medical Benefits UK Cheese

This legendary Hybrid has a range of a benefits to offer medicinal marijuana patients.

  • Medical consumers have found that this strain works well for muscle spasms.
  • It also does a number on a headache or a migraine.
  • Of course, this easygoing strain is perfect for reducing stress after a busy workday. It can also help with the management of more chronic stress conditions
September 12, 2016 — Last Updated
Written by Anna Wilcox

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September 12, 2016 — Last Updated
Written by Anna Wilcox

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