Vanilla Kush Weed; Vanilla Kush Cannabis Strain; Vanilla Kush Hybrid Marijuana Strain
strains | 01.01.2022

Vanilla Kush Marijuana Strain

Vanilla Kush is a tasty Indica-dominant Hybrid which provides enthusiasts with a lush body high that’s both recreationally and medicinally enjoyable.

Vanilla Kush is an Indica-dominant Hybrid marijuana bred from Kashmir and Afghan Kush strains. It’s lovely stuff for those who like their weed on the heavy, medicinal side. With a sweet taste, it delivers a hypnotic, sedative high that relieves pain and induces a deep sleep quite quickly. And, given that it runs from 18-22% THC, it has enough power to please the enthusiast or stun the novice.


Vanilla Kush Experience

If you were a marijuana connoisseur and you saw the label “Vanilla Kush” on a bag of weed, you’d probably think, “hm, I bet this is a tasty Indica-dominant with a nice body buzz.” That would be correct. Descended from Kashmir and Afghan Kush strains, this is an excellent and straightforward medicinal weed with a very respectable 18-22% THC content.

Enthusiasts consuming this weed will soon feel a calm, stretchy state of mind, with worried thoughts being replaced by a floaty haze. Soon after, this will be accompanied by a lush, warm body high, like the marijuana equivalent of a soft blanket. Enthusiasts will notice their pain disappearing and their stress beginning to seem irrelevant. Frequently, unconsciousness and/or a strong sense of appetite will follow. Accordingly, don’t plan to make it to the gym after you smoke this marijuana.

Vanilla Kush is a fairly popular weed, and that’s reflected by the fact that it’s available in shatter and vape pen format from a whole bunch of different retailers.


Traits of Vanilla Kush and Vanilla Kush Seeds

This cannabis strain consists of dull green buds encircled by red pistils. The marijuana boasts a respectable trichome coverage and is reasonably sticky. It gives off a sweet, musky vanilla smell, with a bit of earthy skunk behind it.

Before ignition, that smell is pretty subtle, but the smoke produced by this bud is very heady and somewhat reminiscent of a milkshake. It’s tasty cannabis.


Medical Benefits of Vanilla Kush

Many marijuana consumers will remember soothing vanilla ice cream as a tasty remedy for a sore throat. This strain can have the same soothing effect on a number of symptoms and ailments.

  • This strain’s potent sedative properties which might be helpful for sufferers of insomnia.
  • It also boasts relaxing effects potentially of medicinal value for those with chronic anxiety and stress issues.
  • Hunger-instilling effects of this cannabis are potentially useful for cases of appetite-disrupting disorders of all kinds.

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