White Cookies Weed; White Cookies Cannabis Strain; White Cookies Hybrid Marijuana Strain
strains | 01.01.2022

White Cookies Marijuana Strain

White Cookies is a Hybrid marijuana strain. A cross between new and old, White Widow and Girl Scout Cookies, this herb will leave marijuana enthusiasts feeling uplifted and relaxed.

“Good things come to those who wait,” or so the old adage goes. Sadly, some marijuana enthusiasts might have to be patient in their search for this herb, but when they get their hands on White Cookies, almost everyone would agree; it’s worth the wait. This Hybrid packs a healthy 19% THC level on average, offering up a euphoric and relaxing high.


White Cookies Experience

White Cookies boasts some impressive genetics. A cross between the classic White Widow and new school favorite Girl Scout Cookies, this rare strain is potent but delightfully well-balanced. It might be worth keeping some actual cookies nearby, as this strain is known to get appetites raging.

A perfect herb for social activities, marijuana consumers will notice themselves feeling chatty and giggly. Social anxieties can often melt away, with conversation and jokes flowing freely and easily. As this head buzz begins to fade, marijuana enthusiasts report feeling relaxed as their woes, worries and even their physical aches and pains melt away.

Despite not featuring astronomical THC levels, less experienced marijuana consumers may want to be careful with this herb, as it can get a little racy. This is also true for cannabis fans who are perhaps a little sensitive to the psychoactive cannabinoid.


Traits of White Cookies and White Cookies Seeds

Just like a plate of cookies fresh out the oven, this herb has an aroma that pulls marijuana enthusiasts in again and again. Mint, chocolate and vanilla swirl around in a delightful dance of scents, with just a sprinkle of grounding earthiness in the background.

Tastewise, White Cookies delivers on its delicious scents. Chocolatey, this strain also packs a tantalizing hint of peppery spice to cut through its sweeter leanings.

White Cookies’ minty flavors are predicted by its mint green leaves, which are punctuated by some spicy looking orange pistils. Trichomes are yellowish, giving this trichome a nice baked looking finish.


Medical Benefits of White Cookies

While rare, White Cookies is worth picking up for the range of therapeutic medical benefits it offers medical marijuana patients.

  • While recreational consumers might enjoy the munchies, medical patients struggling with a lack of appetite will definitely appreciate the inspiration to find a good meal.
  • Moderate pain relief is often a byproduct of this flowers relaxing vibes.
  • The uplifting powers of this strain can be an effective way to manage stress, depression and anxiety.

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