Yabba Dabba Goo Marijuana Strain

The Yabba Dabba Goo strain is an extremely rare delight. Growing in popularity, growers covet this strain for its large flowers and balanced Hybrid effects.

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The Yabba Dabba Goo marijuana strain is rapidly gaining popularity. This strain is famous for producing large, resinous flowers and a mouthwatering fruity taste. Those who come across this beauty had better take a picture. this flower is a rare find, and some question whether or not it really exists.


Yabba Dabba Goo Experience

Little information is available about the Yabba Dabba Goo marijuana strain. However, this flower reportedly produces a balanced mind and body experience. A soothing sense of physical heaviness seeps in, as THC-laden breath spreads through the muscles.

Pleasant cerebral qualities are also reported from this marijuana strain. While this flower is likely drowsy in high doses, experienced consumers may enjoy partaking in this weed before running errands or spending leisure time outdoors.

Marijuana fans may be able to enjoy this herb in multiple ways, including;

  • If you are extremely lucky, Yabba Dabba Goo strain concentrates may be available from select retailers.


Traits of Yabba Dabba Goo and Yabba Dabba Goo Seeds

A mix between Kona Gold (Sativa) and Green Crack (Indica), this is a remarkable flower from Cutting Edge Genetics.

While little is recorded about the overall effects of this strain, it is in high demand due to its ability to produce abnormally large and impressive flowers.

Fast growing, high-yielding, and featuring a heavy yet functional Hybrid high, Yabba Dabba Goo is a dream come true for many growers and die-hard cannabis enthusiasts.

Those who come across these seeds have a rare treasure on their hands. Similarly,  clones are equally rare.


Medical Benefits of Yabba Dabba Goo

This herb’s nicely balanced Hybrid effects make it a suitable option for certain medical marijuana patients looking to manage an array of symptoms.

  • The mood-boosting effects of this medical marijuana strain may be beneficial for those seeking relief from depression and chronic stress.
  • As a high-THC cannabis strain, this strain is expected to offer mild to moderate pain relief.


December 28, 2017 — Last Updated
Written by Dan Ophaug

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December 28, 2017 — Last Updated
Written by Dan Ophaug

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