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Where To Buy HHC Flower

No Delta-9? No Problem.

Cannabis is unique. There are different aromas, flavors, terpenes, and cannabinoids from plant to plant, all of which affect the outcome of your high.

Seasoned cannabis users know their way around the primary psychoactive cannabinoid Delta 9 THC. But have they tried HHC? HHC is just one of the many new cannabinoids taking the weed world by storm. Not only is it federally legal, but it’s seriously potent.

If you’re ready to step outside of your comfort zone with new cannabinoids, do so with a brand that has your back. The HHC Flower from Bloomz delivers a premium smoking experience backed by rigorous lab testing for quality, purity, and potency.

Bloomz’s HHC Flower is the truest expression of this new cannabinoid, and it comes in four mighty fine strains. See below for more information about HHC and Bloomz’s praised HHC Flower.

What Is HHC?

HHC, also known as Hexahydrocannabinol, is a hemp-derived cannabinoid that occurs in small traces.

Thanks to modern technology, HHC can be produced through a process known as hydrogenation, but its most authentic nature lies within products containing HHC that’s been extracted from hemp using clean manufacturing processes, like Bloomz.

Our bodies digest and break down HHC the same as Delta 9 THC, meaning they produce similar potent and heavy effects that cause a significant mental and physical buzz.

Because HHC is so powerful, it’s advised to use it cautiously, as it’s stronger than Delta 8 THC and Delta 10 THC but provides similar sensations as Delta 9 THC

Where To Buy Premium HHC Flower

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The high produced by Bloomz’s HHC Flower is simply unmatched. You’ll notice the similarities between this cannabinoid and Delta 9 immediately, but the long-lasting effects and calming nature will help you differentiate it.

The HHC Flower from Bloomz is a sticky, dense nug slathered in 99% premium HHC distillate, which helps your flower burn slower to elongate your sessions. The result is a happy, relaxed, and calm high that’s perfect for alleviating the day’s stress.

Bloomz’s HHC Flower is available in 3.5g, 7g, and 28g options, offered in the following strains:

  • Indica – Grape Zkittlez and Monster Cookies
  • Sativa – Green Goblin
  • Hybrid – Apple Fritter

As mentioned, ease your way into this flower cautiously. Although it’s tasty with a complex flavor and terpene profile, the high will sneak up on you, so be prepared!

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