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Rob Hoffman is a health and drug policy reporter at Herb. His work has also appeared in Politico, ThinkProgress, and Fusion.

This super soil recipe will take your cannabis plants to the next level. You can thank us for the flower later.

A man and his dog water a cannabis plant after learning how to make super soil

Once you make your own rosin, you will never look back.

A woman holds a dab rig as she smokes rosin which she just made at home

Weed tea gives a new meaning to the phrase ‘high tea’.

Cannabis sits inside a tea cup as someone prepares to make weed tea.

Rolling a cross joint is the ultimate power move.

This recipe will show you how to make weed brownies that are deliciously potent.

Martha is making another move into the weed game.

Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg pose together

Spice up your next party with Green Dragon, the most infamous cannabis drinkable on the planet.

Bartender makes green dragon

Here’s how to make a grinder out of common household items.

A person uses scissors to cut up their weed instead of reading this guide and learning how to make a grinder.

We all get cravings sometimes. Learn how to make weed chocolate to satisfy yours.

How to make weed chocolate: A woman holds a bouquet of roses with some dark chocolate and a nug of weed

Keep your glass feeling like new with our how to clean a pipe guide.

A dirty looking pipe, which could be improved with this how to clean a pipe tutorial

There is a groundswell of legal hemp farmers across the United States, but many fall victim to scams.

A large scale hemp farm under a dome

Learning how to make a dab station is a right of passage for cannabis enthusiasts.

How to Make a Dab Station: A woman exhales a puff of smoke

If you want your butter or oils to last, you’ll need to know how to store edibles.

A woman keeps air off of an edible, which is key to understanding how to store edibles.

These simple tips can help you discover how to conserve weed and save your wallet.

A man smokes a pin rolled joint, which is one of our top tips for how to conserve weed

Learn how to make cannabis tincture in 8 easy steps.

A hand pours alcohol into a measuring cup next to a baking sheet covered in ground up flower. Learn how to make cannabis tincture with this handy guide.

Learning how to make THC pills is easier than you think.

A hand pours ground flower into a jar as part of our how to make THC pills guide

Here’s how to get rid of the munchies, save your wallet and reduce your waistline.

You can’t call yourself a real canna-expert unless you know how to make dabs.

How to Make Dabs: A man exhales a massive cloud of smoke

Plus a bonus lesson on how to make shatter from a pro

How to Make Shatter: A piece of wax paper with some honey colored freshly made shatter on it

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