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Rob Hoffman is a health and drug policy reporter at Herb. His work has also appeared in Politico, ThinkProgress, and Fusion.

Keep your glass feeling like new with our how to clean a pipe guide.

A dirty looking pipe, which could be improved with this how to clean a pipe tutorial

There is a groundswell of legal hemp farmers across the United States, but many fall victim to scams.

A large scale hemp farm under a dome

Learning how to make a dab station is a right of passage for cannabis enthusiasts.

How to Make a Dab Station: A woman exhales a puff of smoke

If you want your butter or oils to last, you’ll need to know how to store edibles.

A woman keeps air off of an edible, which is key to understanding how to store edibles.

These simple tips can help you discover how to conserve weed and save your wallet.

A man smokes a pin rolled joint, which is one of our top tips for how to conserve weed

Learn how to make cannabis tincture in 8 easy steps.

A hand pours alcohol into a measuring cup next to a baking sheet covered in ground up flower. Learn how to make cannabis tincture with this handy guide.

Learning how to make THC pills is easier than you think.

A hand pours ground flower into a jar as part of our how to make THC pills guide

Here’s how to get rid of the munchies, save your wallet and reduce your waistline.

You can’t call yourself a real canna-expert unless you know how to make dabs.

How to Make Dabs: A man exhales a massive cloud of smoke

Plus a bonus lesson on how to make shatter from a pro

How to Make Shatter: A piece of wax paper with some honey colored freshly made shatter on it

Learn how to make Bhang, one of the most popular cannabis drinks in the world

A woman sits on a couch smoking a joint and drinking a mason jar full of Bhang. Learn how to make bhang at home with this guide.

Stop wasting weed and learn how to make joint burn slower with this guide.

A man smokes a joint while walking down the street after learning how to make joints burn slower

No pipe? No problem—here’s how to make a pipe out of a pen with handy visual cues.

After learning how to make a pipe out of a pen, a man lights cannabis in a pen pipe

Don’t let pests ruin your grow, here’s how to get rid of spider mites.

How to Get Rid of Spider Mites: A person cares for 9 plants arranged in a tray

Here’s how to make an apple pipe for a classic pipe in a pinch.

A man learns how to make an apple pipe with our how to make an apple pipe guide

Once you learn how to smoke bubble hash, you might never go back.

A man and a woman use a pipe after learning how to smoke bubble hash

Here’s everything you need to roll a hash joint.

Our how to roll a hash joint guide will teach you how to smoke hash easily, as seen in this photo with hands adding hash to a regular joint just before smoking

Here’s how to smoke hash oil no matter how you like to enjoy your concentrates.

How to Smoke Hash Oil: A woman uses a butane torch to heat up a dab rig

Our how to trim weed guide can make this tedious task a little more bearable.

Hands trimming weed after reading our how to trim weed guide

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