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Best Dispensaries In Modesto, CA

Modesto is in California's Central Valley. This city is well-known for its rich agricultural past, unique culture, and great weed.

Modesto’s burgeoning cannabis culture is one of its main draws. The city has become a popular destination for marijuana fans eager to experiment and indulge. We’ve compiled a list of the top five dispensaries in Modesto for your next re-up.

When it comes to entertainment, Modesto has something for everyone. Downtown Modesto has a number of stores, restaurants, and pubs, as well as the State Theatre and the Gallo Center for the Arts, which offer a variety of entertainment alternatives.

Modesto has a thriving cultural environment, including the Modesto Symphony Orchestra and the Central West Ballet. Throughout the year, the city hosts a number of festivals and events, including the Modesto Art and Wine Walk and the Modesto International Architecture Festival.

Overall, Modesto provides tourists with a unique and intriguing experience, with plenty of options to explore, relax, and have fun. It’s the place to be if you’re a cannabis aficionado or just searching for a pleasant and inviting getaway. Check out the best dispensaries in Modesto below.


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As one of the biggest cannabis brands in the US, they have managed to expand their brand to other continents. With over 40 stores across the world, Cookies is responsible for some of the best dispensaries, and this one is located at 1944 W Orangeburg Ave, Modesto, CA.

This place is home to one of the most famous strains in the world: Girl Scout Cookies. Around their signature strain, they have created a big empire full of the best cannabis products and the best professionals around them.

Cookies dispensaries are always very striking, and their Modesto store is no exception. They have a modern, colorful place with a lot of products to see. You can sit down and read about them, buy some clothes and accessories, and, of course, get yourself some of the best weed in town.


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Modesto’s cannabis community has grown a lot in the last few years. Important brands have entered the city, and the best dispensary chains are opening stores.

Phenos is one of the few traditional stores that still leads the list of the best dispensaries in the city. They have managed to keep their customer service as a priority, and with hard work, they have kept their store up to the highest standards.

Their store is located at 1234 McHenry Ave., Suite C, Modesto, CA. Here you are going to find the best cannabis products, such as pre-rolls, flowers, vapes, distillates, and more. The store is huge, so do not hesitate to ask any of their friendly employees for help.

Cali Kosher

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Thanks to Cali Kosher, cannabis is now accessible to any and all that decide to get closer to the world of cannabis, but without ignoring their beliefs. Plus, their store is beautiful and loaded with some of the best products and accessories on the Californian market.

At Cali Kosher, they work hard growing and selling to meet not only kosher standards but also Enviroganic requirements. They serve Oakdale, Patterson, Lemoore, and Modesto, located at 4725 Yosemite Blvd. They have a comfy space where everyone is welcome. Not only will you find the best products here, but also friendly and helpful customer service.

Patient Care First

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Patient Care First, another small business, is a traditional Modesto dispensary. This store is significant to the city because it was the first medical cannabis dispensary.

Since then, Patient Care First has focused their work on providing the best solutions for people with conditions that traditional medicine cannot treat. Located at 1442 Angie Ave., their store is full of the best products for medical patients but also for people who want some recreational use.

Their team is very well-trained to find the best solution for any condition. Ask them about which product they recommend for your specific needs.

Medallion Wellness

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At Medallion Wellness, there is everything a stoner needs from a dispensary. This enticing dispensary is located at 439 Maze Blvd. and 4213 McHenry Ave., Suite E, in Modesto

Medallion Wellness was founded by cannabis industry veterans who understand what every stoner requires. They try to enhance life experiences by using cannabis as a base.

Medallion Wellness has everything: good customer service, top-quality products, a good-looking store, and affordable prices. They have a team that works hard to learn all the benefits and uses of cannabis products. Not only that, but they use this information to guide every customer through an amazing and customized experience.

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