Chernobyl Marijuana Strain

17% thc0.1% cbd

Chernobyl is a Hybrid marijuana strain with earthy citrus flavors. Chernobyl is often used to treat mental health symptoms, leaving you feeling uplifted.

CerebralEnergeticEuphoriaHappyHungryPain ReliefRelaxedSocialUplifting
AnxietyBipolar DisorderDepressionFatigueFibromyalgiaHeadachesLack Of AppetiteMigrainesNauseaPainStress

Chernobyl is a TGA Genetics delight. A Sativa-dominant cross between Jack the Ripper, Trinity, and Trainwreck, this strain creates a happy, cerebral high that is great for those marijuana patients concerned about mental health and migraines.


Chernobyl Experience

Don’t worry. This strain won’t cause a complete nuclear meltdown. Chernobyl is a Sativa-dominant hybrid first bred by TGA Genetics. This long-lasting strain is the product of a three-way cross between Trainwreck, Jack the Ripper, and Trinity.

With such rock star genetics, it’s no surprise that this strain boasts such high THC levels. In some tests, this flower has produced nearly 30 percent of the psychoactive cannabinoid. Though, you’re more likely to find samples that rest in the low-twenties.

Expect a very heady high from this strain. Marijuana consumers are likely to have a very cerebral experience, made complete by an uplifting and relaxed sensation that’s sure to improve mood. A particularly long-lasting and potent strain, cannabis enthusiasts will find the effects of Chernobyl can last up to three hours. These effects are perfect for daytime use thanks to the visceral, energetic buzz.


Traits of Chernobyl and Chernobyl Seeds

The stimulating qualities of this strain are enhanced by an energizing citrus aroma. Cannabis enthusiasts find this weed tastes much the same, with notes of lemon and lime wrapped in an earthy smoke. The exhale is nice and smooth, with some slightly dank flavors that will be familiar to marijuana enthusiasts who enjoy any of Chernobyl’s parent plants.

Marijuana enthusiasts will love the look of these buds, with their nice covering of trichomes hiding tightly packed green leaves and a generous helping of burnt orange pistils riddled throughout.


Medical Benefits of Chernobyl

Chernobyl’s long-lasting effects and slightly above average THC levels make it a very popular strain of medical marijuana.

  • Patients who struggle with mental health tend to enjoy Chernobyl. This happy-go-lucky hybrid is thought to relieve symptoms of PTSD,  depression, anxiety, and chronic stress
  • This strain also provides good daytime nausea, pain, and migraine relief as well
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