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Best Live Resin Wax Dabs

Live resin wax dabs set the new gold standard for extracts and take dabbing to the next level. Learn what are the best you can find.

Concentrates have been around for centuries, but they have never been as abundant and diverse as they are now, like wax dabs which have become so popular in the last decade. Dabbing is an incredible way to vape or smoke cannabis concentrates for seasoned users who seek the next level of purity and potency.

Besides, you get the best of wax dabs when they come from live resin. If dabs contain all the compounds of the cannabis flower without the plant material, then live resin dabs are the soul of the plant.

If you want to experience the best experience from dabbing, the most complex effects and flavors to getting high, you need to learn about the best live resin wax dabs available on the market.

Keep reading to improve your sessions from now on.

What Are Dabs?

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Dabs are a form of cannabis concentrate. Producers extract the oil and trichomes from the flower, separating cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant material. The result is a potent substance containing high concentrations of cannabinoids to intensify the well-being state you expect from smoking or vaping cannabis.

To have a good perspective, while dry herbs range their cannabinoid concentration between 10 and 30%, dabs have concentrations above 80%, producing a heavy mental and physical experience that you wouldn’t get from dry herbs. Especially for users with developed tolerance.

Brands use different methods to extract wax and other dab concentrates. Some use solvents to remove the precious resin and fats from the plant, while others use mechanical methods, less efficient but cleaner.

Also, different types of dabs vary their textures and shapes:

  • Shatter dabs look like beautiful amber sheets of glass that break easily.
  • Butter dabs have a similar consistency to peanut butter with shiny brown color.
  • Oil dabs are viscous liquids that you can vape but also make a nice addition to edibles.
  • wax dabs are a wax-like substance that has cannabinoids.

Dabs Effects

Whether you seek the physical relaxation of CBD or the mental buzz from Delta 8 or Delta 9 THC, you will get a much more intense experience when dabbing them. In other words, when dabbing, you expect the same effects as when smoking dry herbs, but way stronger.

You will get into a state of deep relaxation, stress and anxiety reduce to nothingness, and your mind is at peace. But, the psychoactive effects are heavy. Then, your thoughts get foggy, and lose awareness, while your limbs feel heavy, and sooner than later all you want is to stay still on your couch.

Also, dabbing produces an instant high, unlike smoking sry herbs that need some time while cannabinoids crawl more slowly. Thus, you need less product and less time to get high, which is a need for medical users and could even save you money.

But there are some differences due to the properties of physical dabs. There are no harsh plant materials when dabbing, and dabs burn at a lower temperature, so the smoke or vapor is much smoother, less irritating for your lungs, and cleaner than when using dry herbs.

What Is Live Resin?

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Live Resin is a type of concentrate that stand out from the rest because it comes from fresh plant material. Other concentrates come from dry herbs that need a curing process, which is necessary to remove moisture and preserve weed, but also eliminates or transforms some compounds that grow naturally in the plant, like cannabinoids and terpenes.

Thus, to enjoy the cannabis flower as closest as it is to nature, growers harvest the flower and put them under low temperatures immediately. That way, they preserve all the compounds to then extract them using solvents. The result is a concentrate containing all sorts of compounds that make your experience more complex and rich. Like a super full spectrum extract.

Just a few brands, like Binoid, are able to make live resin dabs, so they are not that easy to find on the market, although they are such a fantastic product.

Binoid Live Resin

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The Binoid Live Resin Wax Dabs are way superior to most concentrates out there, becoming a must-try for any user who enjoys dabbing. They have high concentrations of the super potent THCP cannabinoid, alongside terpenes and flavinoids that will take over your mind and senses, and they are the first ones on the market, so this is your chance to try a brand new experience.

But don’t go crazy on them. The Live Resin Wax Dabs can produce short-term undesired side effects for users with low tolerance to psychoactive cannabinoids. But they are the perfect product for users that won’t get high that easily with conventional dry herbs or edibles.

Besides, they are hemp-derived and have less than 0.3% of Delta 9-THC, and thus are entirely legal under federal law.

If you want to taste the complexity of terpenes in a strain by dabbing live resin wax, then you should try the different terpenes profiles available at Binoid. You have the Indica Animal Cookies, the Sativa Tropical Runtz, and the Hybrid Gelato Sorbet and Mandarin Dreams strains.

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