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The Best Weed Grinders Can Elevate Your Smoke Sessions—Here’s How

It’s time to ditch your cheap grinder and treat yourself to a cleaner, more flavorful high.

May 5, 2018
Written by Jane Hobson
Find out how the best weed grinders can elevate youFind out how the best weed grinders can elevate your smoke sessions r smoke sessions

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Herb-lovers can all agree grinding your weed is a million times better than not. Grinding your flowers increases its surface area which allows for a consistently smooth and efficient burn. This extends your stash and the lifespan of your device. Grinding also naturally separates the kief from the flower, setting you up for some pretty amazing hash-highs. Discover the best weed grinders, and why they should be considered a critical part of your herbivore repertoire.

They’ve come a long way from where they started, and now the best weed grinders are light and portable, leaving herbivores no excuse for not owning one. With this being said, it’s important to know that if you’re grinding up your bud in just any old grinder, you might as well not grind it at all. Using the best weed grinders is the ultimate way to get the best blaze for your buck. Why should you waste perfect and pricey flowers on a crappy grinder? 

No More Consistency Qualms

giphy The Best Weed Grinders Can Elevate Your Smoke Sessions—Heres How

Using the best weed grinders will grind your weed to an even consistency. The teeth of the grinder in higher quality models are evenly dispersed so that regardless of whether or not you spread the nugs out upon stuffing them into the grinder, all the grinds end up being the same texture. As a result, the weed will vaporize or burn more evenly which makes for a super smooth session, not only in taste and aroma but also the high itself. The compounds of the herb will extract evenly when heated as your dry herb changes from flower to vapor or flower to smoke.

If you’re a vape-enthusiast, a fine-grind means thicker, more potent vapor. Loading an uncrushed nug into a vaporizer would be useless, not to mention just kind of weird. Whether it’s a conduction or convection heating system, you’ll get the more out of your vaporizer by exposing more surface area to the heat by using evenly ground herbs. And the same goes for people who prefer smoking a joint or bowl; nothing says buzzkill like an uneven burn. A consistent texture also makes it easier to roll a perfect joint.

Regardless of whether you use a vape or prefer smoking a joint, pipe or bong, using a quality grinder means you can say goodbye to consistency qualms.

You’ve Got Big Bowls

giphy The Best Weed Grinders Can Elevate Your Smoke Sessions—Heres How

Grinding your weed into fine, loose pieces means you can pack bigger bowls in your pipe or bong. Denser bowls make for more powerful hits with big clouds. This is because increasing the surface area of cannabis in your bowl makes it easier to pull through when you inhale. But hey, don’t worry if you don’t like big bowls. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to fill the bowl, it just means that even a densely packed half-bowl will provide some potent inhales.

Don’t Ditch Your Device

On top of providing more potent and powerful inhales regardless of whether you smoke or vape, properly ground herbs are better for your devices. Using a quality grinder makes it easier to clean your vaporizer because ground herbs leave behind less build-up and residue when they’re heated.

Pipes and bongs are also easier to clean when you bust up your bud because of an even burn. Lighting an entire nug often leaves the charred, ashy residue in the bowl from the part of the nug that completely burns up without even being inhaled. This means that not only will your bowl be less gunked up, a high-quality grind also extends your stash since you’ll actually be inhaling everything that’s in the bowl. This will save you a lot of hassle, and a ton of money by extending your stash and the lifespan of your device.

King/Queen of Kief

giphy The Best Weed Grinders Can Elevate Your Smoke Sessions—Heres How

If you’re not using a quality grinder, you’re wasting a ton of precious kief. Whether you sprinkle it onto your bowl like a fine seasoning or make homemade hash, kief is a concentrate that’s super easy to collect when you’re using a quality grinder. The tiny hairs found on dry cannabis flowers naturally separate from the bud when it’s ground. The best weed grinders actually come equipped with sifting screens that catch and collect kief so you can use it whenever you want. Found most often in 4-piece grinders, a grinder equipped with a sifting screen, usually called a kief or pollen catcher, is a totally-worth-it investment. Using the best weed grinders will make you the king or queen of kief in no time.

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May 05, 2018 — Last Updated December 20, 2019
Written by Jane Hobson
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