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guides | 01.01.2022

How To Make A Chapstick Pipe (What Would Macgyver Do?)

Don’t have a pipe on hand? No worries. Check out this video and learn how you can make a chapstick pipe in just minutes.

Sometimes, a nice glass piece can be hard to find or is simply unavailable. Many people turn to aluminum foil or a pop can in times of distress, but those high-school methods can be dangerous and a complete waste of herb. So, what can be turned into a smoking piece rather quickly? A chapstick tube, of course. Check out the video below from MsLetsgethigh to see how to make your own chapstick pipe.

The chapstick pipe is so simple

In this video, we go through the process of creating a simple chapstick tube pipe, with just the help of a lighter and a few attachments. While smoking out of a plastic tube might not be ideal, the added bowl piece ensures no plastic is ever ingested.

After completely emptying the contents of the tube, take a lighter and carefully heat one side until it can be “carved.” Create a hole large enough to fit a ¼ inch wrench attachment, which will act as the bowl piece. The idea of using the metal attachment is very clever, and the size is just right. Take the skinnier end and put it in [the hole]. It fits perfectly. It will not come out unless you pull it.

Using the reverse side of an ear bud works great as a screen, covering the mouthpiece to keep any bits of bud from sucking through. Gluing it in there just right might take some finesse, but be sure it is secure and as airtight as possible, to ensure the best hits.

Clean up

Cleaning this portable pipe couldn’t be simpler. Remove the metal bowl piece and the chapstick tube cap, then run the tube through hot water to help soften the resin before scraping it clean. The plastic tube makes it very easy to remove the tar-like substance, and allows for quick cleanup, to keep up with even the heaviest smokers.

What’s your favorite makeshift smoking piece? Let us know on social media or in the comments below.

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