How to Roll a Rose Blunt That is Picture-Perfect

Photography by Jonathan Coward for HERB

Guides | 07.05.2022

How To Roll A Rose Blunt That Is Picture-Perfect

We talk to a master about how to roll a rose blunt that’s *almost* too beautiful to smoke.

Rose petals have been added to herbal cigarettes since the late 60s and early 70s.

When it comes to weed, they make for one of the smoothest smokes as they contain a small amount of rose essential oil that soothes the throat and reduces coughing.

There are some things to consider, however, before wrapping your herb in petals.

Firstly, avoid roses from supermarkets, and they’re laden with pesticides as they are grown to be beautiful and perfect, not eaten or ingested. Instead, go organic.

Try reaching out to someone you know who doesn’t use pesticides to grow their roses, like your grandma or a neighbor, or buy organic edible rose petals online.

It’s worth the extra effort to do this right. And when you light up, you’ll know why.

Here’s a guide on how to roll a rose blunt perfectly every time.

What You'll Need

Organic Rose Petals

Make sure they’re clean before using them. Amazon has a few good options you can check out.

A Rolling Tray

There’s gonna be a lot of moving pieces here, so you might want to get an excellent rolling tray that can help you stay on top of everything and avoid waste.

Check out Matriarch’s Blunt Father (aka the ultimate blunt rolling station). With over ten compartments, you’ll have everything organized for your rolling session.

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Choose whatever you prefer. We suggest you try a delicate smoke that matches the mood of the rose blunt. Try this CBG flower from Botany Farms that’ll get you energized and has a nice flavor.

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A Grinder

The better you grind your weed, the better you’ll rose blunt will smoke. Use a solid grinder like the revolutionary KLIP that slices through your bud without mushing it, creating well-ground, trichome-covered weed.

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What To Do

  1. Get your work area organized and set up.
  2. Break up or grind your flower so it’s ready to be rolled.
  3. Take fresh rose petals and trim hard base of petal off where petal connects to the flower. I like to remove this hard/thicker part of the petals to reduce any thick spots in the wrap.
Instruction to roll a rose blunt

Photography by Jonathan Coward for HERB

4. Wash the rose petals to remove any contaminants like bug and bird excrements and also any toxins or contaminants captured by rainwater. Dry the petals thoroughly, but delicately.

5. Take petals, lay them out flat, bubble/round side up with the edges of the petal laying down on the oven safe cooking sheet. This will help them from folding over on each other when they start to wilt.

6. Bake in oven on broil for roughly 10-15 seconds. You can watch them wilt and you can see the moisture collect under the petals when you lift them off the tray.

7. Play around with your temps as all ovens vary and keep a close eye on them as they are in the oven. The petals will become soft and pliable, the color will also get darker during heating and drying.

8. Lick each petal about half way and press them together (this is why you wash them, not to mention smoking something clean).

Usually three petals is a good joint size, but depending on the size you’re going for, you can add petals or only use two.

how to roll a rose blunt step by step

Photography by Jonathan Coward for HERB

9. Once licked and all petals are pressed together to form the wrap, put the wrap back in the oven for roughly 10-15 seconds on broil to help dry and set the wet petals.

This also helps dry the petals just a little more for a better burn. If the petals are too wet, the joint or blunt can go out or burn unevenly.

10. Once removed from the oven, you now have a rose wrap that’s ready to be filled and rolled. Continue to use the wrap as you normally would rolling a joint or blunt. (Here’s Herb’s guide to rolling the perfect joint.) Make sure ends are packed evenly for a solid burn.

11. When wrapping my rose joint, I like to use the side with the pretty petal edges, not the side where I tore the thick part of the petal off. It looks prettier in the final joint.

12. Once the rose joint is rolled, put it back in the oven for 10-15 seconds for a final dry and set. Remove and let cool for 2-5 minutes.

This is still just drying the petals. Papers and wraps you normally roll with have very minimal moisture or none at all, it helps the joint burn properly.

How to Roll a Rose Blunt That is Picture-Perfect

Photography by Jonathan Coward for HERB

You rose petal joint is now ready to enjoy.

Intermediate To Advanced: How To Roll A Rose Blunt Or Joint

Getting Started: How to Roll a Rose Petal Joint or Blunt

Photography by Jonathan Coward for HERB

Not everyone wants to smoke mouth bacteria. For you to kill just cold and flu viruses, the material you wish to sanitize must reach 165-212 degrees Fahrenheit and maintain this temperature for a minimum of a few minutes.

This is not possible when you only place the rose joint in an oven for a matter of seconds to dry it.

Here’s A Few Ideas For How To Roll A Rose Blunt Without Saliva

  • Blunt glues can be purchased online, there are many brands and varieties available. These can be used in replacement of saliva. Check this one out.
  • Sugar water. Not the tastiest, so you can add vanilla (I would always recommend organic everything, better safe than sorry).
  • Honey. This is virtually the same as sugar. Use a very small amount (you can thin it out with a small amount of water). Use a CBD honey syringe to make it easier and enjoy the added twist from the CBD.
  • Cigar glues – can purchase online and at some local cigar shops.
  • Concentrates! This is the ultimate method. But it requires more skill, time and effort. The petals must be dried out as much as possible before they’re pressed together with a warm concentrate to form the wrap. When rolling, apply just enough of your concentrate to moisten the petals so that they’re pliable.

How to apply your cannabis concentrate to your rose petals:

How to apply your cannabis concentrate to your rose petals:

Photography by Jonathan Coward for HERB

To apply cannabis concentrates to petals, heat up a butter knife or flat dabber with a lighter or torch (be careful and have a safe place to put your knife down when not in use so you don’t get burned or melt your table).

Spread a thin layer of shatter, wax, rosin, etc. on the edge of the rose petal where you normally lick. Press the petals together when the shatter or concentrate is still warm and tacky/sticky.

Keep adding petals until you have the size you want and then roll like normal.

When making the wrap, and heating the concentrate to glue the petals together, be careful not to heat the knife too much or you will scorch the petals. You can always re-heat the dabber again and spread it more. But if it’s too hot you will ruin your beautiful petals with big dark spots like bruises, caused by too much heat.

Once the wrap is made, and after rolling your cannabis into it normally like a joint, leave the rose joint out to dry for 10-20 minutes (depending on the humidity levels where you live). I know this takes time, but your rose joint will be more potent due to the concentrates. Smoke it once it feels relatively dry.

Ready-To-Go Blunts If Rolling Gets Complicated

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If rolling gets complicated, you can always opt out for a pre-rolled blunt. Old Pal has rolled up some tasty and potent 2g Infused Blunts. These are available in the classical strains, Sativa, hybrid, and Indica, and pack lots of flavor and potency.

Each blunt is packed with two full grams of premium quality flower, THCa diamonds, and top-shelf live resin.

These blunts are hand-rolled and wrapped in hemp wraps. That translates to a smooth smoking experience thanks to its crafting and high-quality materials. These slow-burning blunts will let you enjoy each puff without hassle.

Potency-wise, each of these blunts contains a total of 40%-41% of cannabinoids, and the THC percentage can vary up to 40%. So don’t worry about your jay being too soft, or finishing way too fast, as you can trust your Old Pal.


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