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guides | 12.20.2019

What To Do If You’re Suffering From A 420 Herb Hangover

There’s a high chance you may have indulged heavily in cannabis yesterday. We’re here to help if you are suffering the symptoms of a herb hangover.

In the haze of 4/21, and knowing how much you may have smoked or eaten yesterday, you’re probably wondering if there is such a thing as a herb-hangover. We’re all familiar with the terrible feelings associated with the morning after a night of heavy drinking, but what about the feelings after a night of heavy smoking? Most of us would probably say we wake up calm and refreshed, however for some that isn’t always true. Marijuana hangovers have often been a topic of speculation, with few thinking it could be a real diagnosis.

Limited research has been done to gain more information on the topic, but scientists seem to agree: cannabis can cause a hangover. Many heavy users are probably in disbelief, chalking the symptoms of a marijuana hangover up to low tolerance or bad quality herb, but the reality is there is a very particular sequence of events that must ensue in order to experience the cannabis blues.

How could this happen?

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Just like with an alcohol hangover, cannabis hangovers come from having too much THC in the body. I know, I know: how could anyone ever have too much THC in their body? For those who simply inhale buds, it would be hard to smoke enough to reach a hangover, but with so many new ways of ingesting it can become difficult to gage just exactly how much THC is being taken in.

While some high-THC concentrates can lead to a hangover, most extracts and dabs deliver an almost instant high, allowing users to stop after only a few tokes. Edibles, however, take much longer for effects to kick in, and impatience, may lead some to over-doing the dosage.

Headaches, cotton mouth, and dizziness are all symptoms of a marijuana hangover. A lethargic attitude and overall discontent are also known indicators. For some, irritability can play a role in the illness, too.

Help Me! Is there a cure?

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This is a major factor in developing a cannabis hangover. While indulging, dry mouth and red eyes aren’t the only sign of dehydration; it can effect functions throughout the whole body, causing achy or sore muscles. Be sure to drink plenty of water, and keep drinking water throughout the day to stave off any chance of becoming dehydrated.

Eat small

If nausea ensues, try eating something light, like crackers or yogurt. These foods can help to settle an uneasy stomach, without the added bloaty feeling.

Get moving

If food isn’t doing the trick, try going for a brief walk or exercising. Circulating blood flow allows the body to relieve any tension points or achy joints. A nice massage, followed by a hot shower, would also help to cure a cannabis hangover.

Sleep it off

Most importantly, if a cannabis hangover is experienced, avoid THC. Levels need to drop within the body in order for the temporary illness to pass. It can be hard to say no when so many of us use cannabis to get over a regular alcohol hangover, but it’s important to give the body time to recover. Sleeping off the undesired feelings is a great way to pass the time until it’s time to pass the joint.

To ensure a cannabis hangover doesn’t ruin the day, always ingest responsibly and be sure to follow all directions printed on edibles and concentrates. With so many delectable variations of herb out there, it can be hard to refrain, but pace the partying so everything can be enjoyed, without delivering a nasty hangover.

Have you ever experienced a cannabis hangover? Let us know on social media or in the comments below.

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