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learn | 12.23.2019

The Bukket is About to Put Your Homemade Gravity Bong to Shame

It’s official, your janky homemade gravity bong is no longer worthy.

Whether it was before class on a Tuesday morning or behind your parents’ backs on a Saturday afternoon, chances are you have fond memories taking mean rips of herb from a gravity bong as a teenager. Odds are you built your first gravity bong by hand, and for that reason, it’s always something you’ll be proud of, no matter how dingy the thing looks. Now that you’re an adult, busting out a gravity bong comprised of a bucket and half a water bottle, among other household junk, doesn’t exactly give off the impression that you’ve grown up. It’s more “MacGuyver” than “mature”. But does that mean gravity bongs are intended to be a thing of the past? Nonsense.

Hopefully, at this point in your life, you don’t still have the same gravity bong you toked on during your senior year. But if you do, or you want to relive the good ol’ days of getting stupid high off enormous clouds of weed smoke, then the modern-day gravity bong is here, aka the Bukket. And it’s about to put homemade gravity bongs to shame.

The Bukket upgrades the bong experience, weird aftertaste not included


Regardless of how you made them, gravity bongs always got you very, very high. All it ever took was a small bowl pack and one to two hits to get you exactly where you wanted to be, if not further. That’s why it’s so hard to outgrow a gravity bong; even it does look rough around the edges. Between the massive cloud production and how they helped you get the most out of your smoke stash, gravity bongs were everything back in the day. Thanks to the Bukket, they still are, only they’ve gotten a serious makeover.

The Bukket looks nothing like a homemade gravity bong you’d have hiding in your closet, and that alone is a reason to rejoice. The Bukket not only looks better than the jerry-built rig from your juvenescence, but it’s also a lot more discreet. In fact, the Bukket can be conveniently folded down to five inches. That way, if you need to hide it or bring it along with you on vacation, you can tuck it away without hassle.

Speaking of hassle, the Bukket is also waterless. That’s right; no more crying over spilled bong water, or having to clean it up and mask the God awful smell. Although it doesn’t call for H2O, the Bukket still delivers prodigious amounts of clouds. Just like a homemade gravity bong, only less messy and not as foul tasting. And it works the same way, too. Merely fill the bowl with the good-good, and as you spark, stretch the Bukket as far as two feet, then fold it back together and prepare for your lungs to be drowned with weed smoke.

Let the Bukket be your gravity bong for life

Homemade gravity bongs tend to get funky and gunky quick. You can change the water as many times as you’d like, and even give them a little scrub down here and there, and they’ll still look and taste rough. But not the Bukket. The Bukket is designed to be easily cleaned and reused for longer than just a month.

While constructing a gravity bong out of everyday household goods is fun and creative, having to make one over and over again can get old fast. Stoner arts and crafts are best saved for emergencies or a rainy day. Plus, making your own gravity bong isn’t as cheap as you think. Although you might have the tools necessary to build one at the time, eventually, they’ll need to be replaced. Just like a homemade gravity bong as a whole.

Despite being an ingenious upgrade to a horrendous contraption, the Bukket is stupid cheap. In fact, it costs less than 22 bucks to take the experience you get from a gravity bong to a whole other level. And props to the Bukket, you won’t have to feel like an awkward 18-year-old all over again to enjoy a sweet sesh with a gravity bong. But the nostalgia will still be all too real.

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