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Finally, You Can Buy The Same Elegant Gravity Bong As Seth Rogen

Remember the bong that made Seth Rogen tap out after one hit? Well, it is back with an improved, more powerful, and more beautiful design. And the best part about it: you can buy one for yourself. Find out how. Created with Stündenglass.

A few years ago Seth Rogen, star of the classic stoner flick Pineapple Express, was spotted on Instagram smoking a crazy looking futuristic bong that left the actor convulsing from an intense coughing fit.

The cutting edge looking water pipe left Seth no choice but to call it quits after just a single toke. This is the man who popularized the cross joint, so you know anything that can make Rogen tap out is the real deal. 

At the time we were convinced that this visionary piece of glass was the pinnacle of bong technology, only available to a select upper echelon of celebrities and cannabis big shots.

Turns out that Stündenglass, the company that originally designed this awe-inspiring water pipe, has managed to make it even cooler! Here’s the best part: now you can have one too!

See what our host, Che Durena, loved about the Stündenglass in this episode of Herb Unboxed:

Not Your Dorm Room’s Gravity Bong

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Oh to be young, carefree, and rich in empty two-liter Mountain Dew bottles. 

When I was coming up through the United States Higher Education System (emphasis on higher) no dorm room, or off-campus apartment, was truly complete without the addition of a homemade gravity bong. We made them from soda bottles, buckets, and one time a stolen traffic cone.

They quickly turned a gross shade of murky, baby-shit brown, and inevitably some of that disgusting recycled bong water would make its way up past your lips and into your mouth, leaving you retching and coughing at the same time.

They were nauseating and smelled foul, but we loved them anyway because we didn’t know any better, and nobody could afford to buy a proper piece.

Photo courtesy of Grenco Science.

No longer will the g bong be a symbol of stoner ingenuity gone awry. Stündenglass has completely reinvented the gravity bong from the ground up, creating one of the sleekest, most functional cannabis delivery systems I have ever seen.

From the borosilicate glass globes that hold the smoke and water to the aircraft-grade anodized aluminum, every single piece of this beautiful work of art is constructed from the highest quality materials available to man.

This impressive pipe is definitely leagues above the melted plastic of the university-era DIY waterfalls and gravity bongs I spent my youth smoking.

Contactless Delivery Makes Sharing Safer

With the COVID-19 pandemic raging on outside, many of us are finding ourselves cramped in our apartments waiting out stay at home orders and mandatory quarantines.

Usually when you’re stuck inside, sharing a few bong rips with close friends with an ideal way to spend the time. But with the possibility of Corona on everybody’s lips, trading hits on the same piece can seem life-threateningly unsafe.

Photo courtesy of Stündenglass

Here’s where Stündenglass comes in. Their elegant gravity bong is designed to facilitate a contactless smoking experience.

What makes gravity bongs unique in regards to other types of water pipes is that a gravity bong utilizes kinetic motion (or gravity) to both fill the chamber with smoke, and push it back out through a mouthpiece.

This makes for a continuous stream of steady smoke or vapor and allows you to take larger inhalations. Not only does kinetic motion make for bigger hits, it also physically forces the smoke out of the mouthpiece, so you can inhale without ever having to touch your mouth to the device.

This feature makes the Stündenglass Gravity Bong great during a global pandemic. Honestly, as anybody who has friends with bad breath or slobbery salivary glands can tell you, it’s a great feature even when there isn’t a deadly virus out there. Nothing is worse than unintentionally swapping spit with a buddy while trying to hit a piece.

Incredible Functional Versatility

Photo courtesy of Stündenglass.

Personally, I’m tired of all the novel gadgets that can only do one thing. I have tons of them taking space up in my kitchen right now. Why do I own an apple corer and a garlic press when I have a chef’s knife that’s capable of mincing garlic and coring apples better than both of those niche tools?

Well if my cannabis closet was a kitchen, then the Stündenglass Gravity Bong would be the Damascus steel chef’s knife because it’s beautifully made and it can do anything!

The Stündenglass Gravity Bong comes with a glass bowl for flower, an aluminum hookah bowl kit that can be used with coals, and is 100% compatible with any smoking or vaporizing device that has a standard male 14mm jointincluding the G Pen Connect.

This thing can really do it all! Use it like Seth Rogen, and enjoy your flower while it’s being propelled by kinetic motion, or attach a nail and do a mind-blowing gravity dab. It even comes with a three-foot silicone hose so you can experience shisha like never before.

The Benefits of Kinetic Motion Technology

Photo courtesy of Stündenglass.

The Stündenglass Gravity Bong’s elegant design has a purpose beyond making it aesthetically pleasing to modern sensibilities.

By using kinetic motion technology, cascading water displacement, and a patented 360-degree rotation system, this bong is able to deliver seamless streams of smoke or vapor that make for an all-around more effective experience than traditional water pipes.

Try it for yourself, and see just what a difference gravity can make. 

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