Seth Rogen smokes the greatest gravity bong ever made and we want one

The Stundenglass made Seth Rogen tap out after just one hit…so you know it’s good.
Seth Rogen smokes the greatest gravity bong ever made and we want one

Watch in awe as the king of kush himself, Seth Rogen, smokes from a rotating gravity bong. The smoke fills one part of a giant capsule shaped cylinder then with one spin it flips and smoke billows out of the stainless steel mouthpiece. Rogen’s wife and dogs looked on with excitement while the Pineapple Express star choked from the big hits he took. But what the eff was this futuristic new toy? A little digging led us to find the creator of the spiraling spaceship looking glass piece.

It is called the Stundenglass by glass distributor Lazydaze Counter Culture. According to their website, the smoking contraption is made of “anodized aircraft grade aluminum, surgical grade stainless steel and durable Teflon seals.” Which the creators of the bong describe as materials “chosen for their high strength tolerance and durability as well as beauty.” This pipe is intended to be used as a tobacco hookah, however, it seems clear that it is destined for much greater weed things.

Stundenglass has a unique water design and a battery-free motor which adds to the functionality of a 180-degree rotation. Even though Rogen captioned the video that he coughed for about 25 minutes, the point of the bong is to guarantee a smoother smoking experience.

This fancy bong is not yet for sale but for 499.00 regular people who are not Seth Rogen can pre-order the device to be delivered in the Fall.

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August 14, 2019 — Last Updated September 16, 2019
Written by Jagger Blaec

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