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Learn | 02.17.2022

Everything You Need To Know About Seth Rogen’s Gravity Bong

The bong that made Seth Rogen tap out after just one hit is back. The all-new Stündenglass offers a sophisticated design, increased functionality, and more power than the original.

Remember when Seth Rogen tapped out after taking just one hit of a futuristic bong? The smoke fills one part of a giant capsule-shaped cylinder.

Then, with one spin, it flips and smoke billows out of the stainless steel mouthpiece. Rogen’s wife and dogs looked on with excitement while the Pineapple Express star choked from the big hits he took. He stated on that post that he coughed for 25 minutes—a perfect demonstration of the power of the Stündenglass

The new version of the Stündenglass has improved absolutely everything from its original version, without changing its futuristic look and innovative functionality. The device is made of anodized aircraft-grade aluminum, surgical grade stainless steel, borosilicate glass, and Teflon seals. All top-quality, dishwasher safe materials that ensure durability, beauty, and astounding smoke.    

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The Stündenglass has a unique and first of its kind water-powered contactless smoking functionality. It’s just physics that powers the Stündenglass.

Using kinetic motion, 360-degree rotation and water displacement between its two chambers, in addition to its inner filtration systems, the Stündenglass effortlessly creates the most powerful, yet smooth hits possible.

The Stündenglass brings forward-thinking functionality, precision craftsmanship, and a transformative smoking mechanism into a premium, sophisticated, and elegantly designed device.

Watch the review we made of the new all-new Stündenglass in this episode of Herb Unboxed:

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