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learn | 01.01.2022

This is the Best Affordable Vaporizer if You’re Vaping on a Budget

How do you find the best device for an affordable price? The folks at MigVapor have the answer with the Sub-Herb vaporizer.

It’s been touted over and over again: vaping is the safest way to inhale cannabis. If you browse around on the internet for any length of time you’ll find a host of cheap imports and overly priced luxury vapes. Yet, many of these products are made with low-quality materials that distort flavor and may not do much for long-term health. But, how do you find the best device for an affordable price? The folks at MigVapor have the answer with the Sub-Herb.

Vaping on a budget?

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When you smoke, hot embers and tar are inhaled directly into the lungs, which can cause irritation, coughing, and symptoms of bronchitis.

For medical cannabis consumers, it’s safe to say that this isn’t good. Recreational consumers don’t benefit much from coughing fits, either.

While vaping is known to be the healthiest way to consume the herb, it certainly isn’t the cheapest. Some of the most popular portable vaporizers run for over $200. For tabletop? Expect to drop over $700 in some cases. This high price range is far from ideal for those hoping to stick to a budget when buying a vape.

Unfortunately, many of the most expensive vapes still rely on metal heating elements and plastic vapor paths that distort flavor and may even be risky under high heats.

Luckily for those who want to get lifted on a budget, MigVapor designs vaporizers with the consumer in mind. One of their top-selling products is the Black Sub-Herb, which is a dry herb atomizer with some cool new enhancements.

Sub-Herb: The best affordable vaporizer


MigVapor’s Black Sub-Herb may be one of the best affordable vaporizers on the market. While large vapes can get spendy, the Sub-Herb is sold individually as a dry herb and wax atomizer attachment or as a part of a battery kit.

The atomizer is 510 threaded, meaning that it can fit on your standard vape pen battery. Though, investing in MigVapor’s Target Mini 40watt battery is recommended.

Just looking at the Sub-Herb, you can tell that it was designed with care and attention. A metal coil is encased in a ceramic heating element, ensuring that heat is evenly dispersed on your bud or wax.

A dark glass dome twists on and off over the heating element, providing a pure flavor. A replaceable screen prevents any rogue plant matter from working its way into the mouthpiece.

Unlike metals and plastics, both ceramic and glass are inert. Inert means chemically inactive. Other compounds off-gas under high heat, which can distort the taste and make for a potentially hazardous vaping experience. The heat-exposed components of the Sub-Herb are all made with medical-grade, heat-safe materials.

For a complete vaping experience, the Sub-Herb can be purchased along with the Target Mini battery. At high temperatures (25watts), the Sub-Herb transforms from a vaporizer into a smoking device.

At low temperatures (about 12watts), the device provides a pleasant vapor. At such a low temperature, the vapor will not be visible. However, you can sure taste whatever flower you’re consuming.


  • Type: Dry herb and wax
  • Heating element: Ceramic
  • Dome: Glass
  • Battery: gold-threaded 510 or 40watt Target Mini
  • Coil replacement: every few months ($14.95)
  • Cost: $42.99 for atomizer, $99.95 for atomizer and battery kit

All of MigVapor’s vaporizers, atomizers, and e-cigarettes are made with the highest-quality materials possible. Discrete, convenient, and featuring an all-around excellent design, the new and improved Black Sub-Herb is truly a high-quality vaporizer for an affordable price.

To pick up a Sub-Herb yourself, head over to MigVapor.com. 

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