Wiz Releases Khalifa Kush Across America, Will You Smoke It?

Khalifa Kush, the notorious indica strain, is set to be available nationwide. Will it become one of the greatest top-shelf Kush products out there?

Sep 13, 2016

Wiz’s strain “Khalifa Kush” will finally be making its way to dispensaries across the United States, even though it’s only ever been grown in limited Californian batches. A recent partnership between the rapper and Tryke Companies should give the strain the kickstart it needs to make it into the mainstream cannabis space. But will Khalifa’s product be too popular for production at an industrial scale? Only time will tell…

Khalifa Kush: The newest top-shelf indica?

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The partnership will obviously include a commercial growing deal for Khalifa’s notorious indica. And the CEO of Tryke Companies is awfully excited to take his brand to the next level alongside Wiz.

It just shows what an exceptional brand Wiz has in the cannabis space, we are very excited to be working together, we couldn’t ask for a better partner or a better product. We have much more Khalifa Kush on the way.” – Matthew Morgan

Let’s hope that’s true because the demand for a Khalifa endorsed strain has massive business potential. Reef Dispensaries, which is owned by Tryke Companies recently did a trial run of Khalifa Kush and the customer reaction was astounding.

All Khalifa had to do was shoot out a tweet saying that Reef locations were selling his strain. And just like that, all locations were sold out in just one day.

Whether that reaction was justified or just plain hype, Tryke Companies have a lot of preparing to do. They already have 160,000 square feet of growing facilities in both Nevada and Arizona, but will that be enough? The addition of Khalifa Kush might need substantially more floor space than they currently have, depending on the demand.

Do you think Khalifa Kush will live up to all the hype that Wiz has started? Or will it turn out to just be another plain-jane Indica? Share with us on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments below!

Sep 13, 2016