5 Energizing Sativas That Are Perfect For Spring Cleaning

Hate chores, but need to clean your place? These five springy strains will spice up a boring day of spring cleaning.

Apr 9, 2017

Let’s face it, cleaning is boring. Though a necessary part of life, taking the time to get things organized and to freshen up your space after the winter months is likely not the way you’d like to be spending your valuable time. Fortunately, the friendly green cannabis plant can make diving into chores a little more fun. Here are five strains to get you through your spring cleaning.

1. Jack’s Cleaner

Jack Cleaner 1 10 Best Indica Strains To Round Off Your 420 Celebrations
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An offshoot of the famous Jack Herer, Jack’s Cleaner provides an uplifting sativa buzz. As the name might suggest, this strain is excellent for cleaning. Focused and upbeat, it’s easy to have the energy to get through mundane tasks like reorganizing and tidying up after a long winter.

Often featuring about 18 percent THC, this strain is recommended for those who have some cannabis experience.

2. Blue Dream

Blue Dream hero 10 Best Indica Strains To Round Off Your 420 Celebrations
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Blue Dream is one of the most popular and common hybrids around. Considered a great bud for just about any occasion, this strain is easygoing and happy without being too over the top. If you’re sensitive to sativas but you’re still hoping to find a bud that can help you get things done, Blue Dream is an excellent choice.

While this strain is a top-choice among many cannabis consumers, it does tend to get a little high in THC. Consumers can expect between 17 and 24 percent of the psychoactive, which makes this bud best for experienced consumers.

3. Panama Red

Pharma Red 1 10 Best Indica Strains To Round Off Your 420 Celebrations
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There are many that argue that the real Panama Red has come and gone. However, if you happen to come across some of this classic strain, it’s definitely worth a buy. Panama Red is a landrace sativa known for providing a mellow yet energetic high. While not as potent as many of today’s sativa hybrids, this bud is a truly top-notch smoke.

Great for cleaning (and just about any daytime activity), this strain provides a stable and long-lasting energy that makes it easy to get things done. Focused and upbeat, Panama Red is considered safe for those new to THC. This strain produces between 10 and 16 percent THC.

4. Super Silver Haze

Super Silver hero 10 Best Indica Strains To Round Off Your 420 Celebrations
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Super Silver Haze is another throwback strain that’s great for cleaning. While the effects of this bud can be a little foggy thanks to Haze genetics, this strain is focused and energizing overall.

A great strain for spring cleaning, this bud is zippy and stimulating. This strain is an excellent wake ‘n bake bud, making it great for big organization or landscaping projects that could take an entire day.

The THC in this strain tends to reach up to 19 percent THC, making it moderately potent. Super Lemon Haze and Super Sour Diesel are both offspring of this strain that would also do the trick for a major cleaning project.

5. OG Kush

OG Kush 1 10 Best Indica Strains To Round Off Your 420 Celebrations
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Like Blue Dream, OG Kush is one of the most common strains to find in dispensaries and perhaps even from a dealer or coffee shop. While this bud can lean toward the sedative side of things, OG Kush is considered a well-balanced and happy hybrid overall. Expect and easy smoke and a huge smile on your face after a little bit of this bud.

While not exactly energizing, OG Kush would be a great choice for those who really hate to clean. Silly and easygoing, this strain will put you in a mellow, laidback mood that both you and your cleaning partners will appreciate. Pick up this strain if you don’t have tight time deadlines for getting things done.

Apr 9, 2017