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The Best Weed YouTube Channels To Laugh, Learn, Cook and More

The best weed YouTube channels no matter what you’re looking for

What’s the number one spot for weed smokers to spread love and knowledge about the magnificent plant they call cannabis? That would be YouTube, of course. While YouTube occasionally shuts down cannabis channels, business folk and everyday consumers alike use the platform to share their knowledge and enthusiasm. Whether you’re looking for someone to smoke with or need to improve your joint rolling skills, YouTube has your back. In case you’re wondering who you should be checking out right now, here are the top weed YouTube channels right now.

Best Weed YouTube Channel

If you’ve done some perusing on YouTube recently than you know that cannabis businesses and enthusiasts are all over the platform. But, which channel wins the prize of the best on YouTube? Well, that’s easy.


It’s versatile, it’s entertaining, it’s smart, it’s daring. Dare we say it? Herb is the best. At risk of shameless self-promotion, we’ve done our due diligence to make truly top-notch cannabis media. From strain stories to skits to real talk about cannabis and what it does in your body, Herb has a little something for just about every cannabis enthusiast. Learn how to microdose weed, roll a Plumber’s joint, or simply listen to veterans talk about how cannabis helps with PTSD. This is the only channel made exclusively for cannabis lovers by cannabis lovers.

Best Marijuana Education YouTube Channels

Did you know that the cannabis plant makes its own pharmacy? The herb produces well over 400 different chemical compounds, making it one powerful medicinal herb. If you’re interested in the science, medicine, and historical side of cannabis, these YouTube Channels are some of the best in the biz.

Green House Seed Company

Featured on VICE’s Kings of Cannabis, Green House Seed Company is one of the world’s most notorious seed banks. On this channel, you will find grow tutorials, Cannabis Cup coverage, and even a little Snoop Dogg. But if you want a real adventure, then don’t miss out on their Strain Hunters series, where the crew travels all over the world in search of rare strains in remote areas. Part cannabis, part cultural commentary, the Green House Seed Company has made a YouTube channel that puts their decades of knowledge into one place.

WeedMaps TV

This channel is run by WeedMaps, an online medical and recreational marijuana dispensary finder. This cannabis channel brings viewers some of the latest news in the cannabis community. Videos range from strain showcases, tech and product reviews, tutorials, and news coverage of marijuana industry events. WeedMaps TV is also one of the best sources of general cannabis information, from how to properly store cannabis to interview segments with canna-savvy doctors, if you have a question about weed WeedMaps TV likely has the answer.

Best YouTube Channels for Medical Marijuana Patients

Medical cannabis patients need specialized content. While the average smoker may search for strain reviews or answers to questions regarding how the herb impacts their body, those in need of medical cannabis may want to dive a little deeper into cannabis science. For those looking for a little more, here are the best YouTube Channels for Medical Marijuana patients:


400;”>Have a medical cannabis question? Write into HelloMD! HelloMD features a series called “Medical Cannabis Answers” that seeks to address some of the most pressing questions regarding medical cannabis. In the series, doctors and other medical professionals chime in with expert tips and guidance.

Medical Marijuana 411

Medical Marijuana 411 features short yet high-quality interviews with doctors and medical cannabis experts. Filmed with education in mind, the channel features topics related to the most common ailments treated with medical cannabis. If patient stories and moving anecdotes are more your thing, this channel does an excellent job of showing just how life-changing medical cannabis can be.

Best Weed Recipes on YouTube

It’s common knowledge that cannabis can make you hungry. But, there is perhaps no purer delight than combining your favorite herb with your favorite eats. If you’re hoping to teach yourself to be a truly bomb cannabis chef, there are a couple of key YouTube channels worthy of your attention. Here are the best places to go for weed recipes on YouTube:


Prohibited has an ongoing series called Pot Pie, where innovative and charming chef Brandin LaShea invites comedians, actors, and other entertaining influencers into her kitchen for some high banter and super tasty treats. Each episode runs between 10 and 15 minutes, making Pot Pie an easy-to-watch show while you’re washing dishes or whipping up an infused culinary creation of your own. Wondering where to find more edibles recipes? Prohibited also features a series called The Smoking Pot, which breaks down the step-by-step of making your own elevated food.

High Times Cooking


Wondering how to make the perfect weed brownies? High Times Cooking showcases the best tried-and-true recipes for ultra tasty infused delights. Learn how to make simple cannabutter and THC-laden olive oil to pair with your daily dinner or impress guests for a special occasion. When it comes to the basics, it’s hard to find a better guide.

Best Weed Culture YouTube Channels

Cannabis Longly


Get ready to laugh. Cannabis Longly has a unique way of showcasing the unique blights and problems that almost every herbivore experiences at one point or another. Hillarious and spot-on, Longly’s short and entertaining videos are excellent to watch after you’ve just sparked up. Pass these silly skits to your favorite smoking buddies to share the joy.

RuffHouse Studios

Are you looking to improve your rolling techniques? Or, do you want to learn more about the art of cooking with cannabis? If so, then check out RuffHouse Studios. Other than their popular “Tips & Tricks” series, this channel also offers weed-themed parody trailers, which are quite entertaining, to say the least.

Best Weed YouTubers

Searching for smart, informative, and entertaining cannabis personalities? From vloggers to canna-biz gurus, here are some of the best weed YouTubers active right now:

6 Figure Side Hussle with Charlo Greene

Charlo Greene made headlines around the cannabis space back in 2014, when the Alaskan news reporter quit her reporting job on live TV in order to continue her pursuits in the cannabis industry. Greene is a woman ahead of her time, after leaving her broadcasting position she faced SWAT raids and over 10 felonies for trying to start up Alaska’s first cannabis dispensary. She was the owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club, which was a social club before the state legalized recreational cannabis.

Now, Greene has one of the best cannabis business YouTube channels around. Not only does she use her broadcasting experience to conduct interviews with professionals and create interesting How-To videos, but her 6 Figure Side Hussle channel features general business and self-empowerment tips as well.  

HaleyIs Soarx

For product reviews, crazy smoking challenges, and how-to videos on how to purchase legal pot, look no further than HaleyIs Soarx. When it comes to the herb, this lovely lady is down for anything. From guzzling down weed lean to inhaling 100 hits like a champ, her videos prove that there’s no amount of THC that she can’t handle.

Positive Smash 420

With over 100,000 followers, Postive Smash 420 has a reputation for some top-notch strain and product reviews. This Washington State local has smoked her fair share of strains. If anyone can give you an honest, reliable, and entertaining review without any extra BS, it’s Postive Smash. As a bonus, her channel features the occasional how-to and educational vlog.


Of course, there’s one weed YouTuber that deserves some serious recognition. There’s no doubt that of the most enthusiastic and memorable herbivores on YouTube is CustomGrow420. This guy has over 1 million subscribers for a reason. From an epic smoke sesh with The Game to a virtual experience of what it’s like to buy an ounce of weed from a dispensary, Jolie and his creative content will keep you entertained for hours.


One of the most upbeat and passionate cannabis connoisseurs of YouTube is Josh from Strain Central. But in case you haven’t, you can expect nothing less than fun, high-quality content with this guy. Whether there’s a product you want to know more about or just need an awesome dude to smoke with, Josh has your back.


Coral is a super cool cannabis queen who loves all things marijuana. She vlogs weekly on “Stoney Sundays” where she answers viewer questions about marijuana. She also attends a lot of cool festivals and meets some interesting characters along the way. On her News Nug videos, she discusses recent cannabis news stories. Check out her blog too!

Best YouTube Channels for Growing

YouTube has been notoriously harsh on growing channels, taking some of the best and the brightest voices offline unexpectedly. There are still, however, a couple of die-hard gems worth mentioning. If you’re hoping to improve your growing and cultivation techniques, here are a couple of channels you won’t want to miss:

Jorge Cervantes


Jorge Cervantes is one of the founding fathers of modern cannabis cultivation. Author of the legendary Marijuana Horticulture, Cervantes shares his years of experience with his YouTube followers. While there are a lot of misleading tips and tricks online, Cervantes separates fact from fiction and dives deep into exactly what works and what doesn’t.

Mendo Dope

If you grow at home, you’ve likely heard of Mendo Dope. These Northern Californian experts have a knack for growing some monstrous and potent plants. With organic practices and tried-and-true techniques, the Mendo Dope will walk you through the step-by-step of growing excellent outdoor flower.

Best Concentrate Review on Youtube

Concentrates are taking the cannabis scene by storm. From hash to some high-quality BHO, these YouTubers will talk you through the ins and outs of incredible cannabis concentrates:

Bubbleman’s World

If hash is your thing, then you need to check out Bubbleman’s World. With over 20 years of experience in the green scene, Marcus certainly knows a thing or two about cannabis. From wake and bake sessions to “Hash Church” discussions on Sundays, you will learn all about extraction techniques, current events, and so much more.


The Cannabis Connoisseur Connection 420 is an interactive cannabis channel focusing on cannabis products and their uses. Along with their regular episodes which vary from interviewing other cannabis users, showcasing new products, strain reviews and concentrate reviews. These reviews are great for people looking to try new and interesting strains and products. Plus, they have a great motto – medicating and educating 24-7.

So there you have it, some of the best weed YouTubers you should be following. Remember, there are hundreds, if not thousands of marijuana channels on YouTube. These are just a few of many we would recommend. Surf the net yourself to check out others you may like.

Uptown Grow Lab

Uptown Grow Lab has a reputation for providing candid and connoisseur quality strain and concentrates reviews. Before heading to your favorite dispensary, it’s worthwhile to browse the menu and check to see if Uptown has anything to say about your selections. Every once in a while Uptown posts a how-to video that walks viewers through the process of making your own extracts, using worm castings in the garden, and so much more.

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