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10 GIFs That Perfectly Describe The Moment You Realize You’re High

Words may not be able to describe that moment when you first realize you’re high, but these 10 GIFs sure will.

Smoking pot is a fun experience from start to finish. First, there’s the excitement of flicking your lighter to spark your beloved herb, knowing that you’re well on your way to a happier place. Then, the wait begins. With each puff you take, you start to feel better and better. Finally, here comes the high, and all is well. Who are you kidding, it’s more than well. It’s freaking fantastic, and perhaps the best part of the entire journey. Words may not be able to perfectly describe that moment when you first realize you’re high, but these 10 GIFs sure will.

1. Life is swell

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One minute you’re sober, then all of a sudden you feel overwhelmingly happy. That’s when you know you’re high. Everything is bliss.

2. Oh, there it is

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From time to time, that ganja can strike out of nowhere. You might be driving down the road, or in the middle of a conversation with your homies when the high catches you off guard. Nevertheless, there’s no mistaking it.

3. The result of too many hits

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So, you’re smoking your bud, and it’s taking way too long to get high. What’s the solution? Keep on hitting the ganja, of course. Before you know it, the effects hit you like a ton of bricks, and you’re so stoned that you don’t know what to do.

4. That creeper weed

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After your last puff, you decide there’s room for another. As you’re hitting your device, you realize that you probably didn’t need to after all. You’re actually pretty high right now. Oops.

5. Dude… I’m so high

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The classic high look. You know, the one where you take a look around and are fascinated by what you see, no matter what it might be. Once you find an object that catches your eye, it has your attention for hours. Or, at least until something more interesting comes along.

6. When your friend asks if you feel it yet

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Now that someone has brought it up, yes, yes you are high. And you can’t stop nodding because, well, the weed is good, man.

7. Stuck AF

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Before you sat down to get high, you felt like you could do a million things. But now that it’s hit you, you can’t move, nor do you want to.

8. Whatcha doing?

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Sometimes, you don’t even notice you’re high until you or someone else catches yourself acting silly. Then it’s like, “Oh shit, I guess I’m stoned.”

9. Those damn munchies…

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A few minutes ago, you weren’t even that hungry and didn’t feel the least bit high. But after devouring an entire box of hot pockets, it’s safe to say you were baked all along.

10. Stoned to the bone

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It’s amazing how one hit can make you go from sober to blazed within seconds. As you exhale, all you can do is sit there, admire the clouds, and think about what you’re going to do next. That is if you can even get up.

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