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culture | 11.27.2019

10 Deeply Satisfying Things To Stare At When You’re Super Baked

Everything looks good when you’re high. But to point out a few of the best, here are ten things to stare at when you’re baked.

What’s the best thing to do when you’re high? Look at random objects for extended periods of time, of course. When you’re high and have nothing else to do, finding something to feast your eyes on can be oddly satisfying. Not to mention, it will keep you occupied for hours. If you’ve caught yourself gazing at the most strange objects while high, you’re not alone. Everything looks good when you’re high. But to point out a few of the best, here are ten things to stare at when you’re baked.

1. Stare at this tiny tomato

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That is one precious, tiny tomato. Not only is it perfectly shaped, but its color is also bright and red. Can you imagine holding it while high? It’s so adorable it deserves a name.

2. Puzzle sandwich anyone?

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Remember when your mom used to cut your sandwiches just the way you liked them? After seeing this beauty, you’re probably wishing you would have requested a puzzle piece sandwich back then. For the most part, all it took was slicing off the crust to satisfy you. But this sandwich changes everything.

3. All the lovely colors

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Just look at all of those colors. How can you not stare? Even better, they are perfectly sorted. Good luck trying to pick which ball is your favorite, though.

4. Untouched peanut butter

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Ahh, the joy of opening a fresh jar of peanut butter. Nothing beats feasting your eyes on smooth, untouched peanut butter. Well, except eating it. In fact, peanut butter should be its own food group. It’s that delicious, especially with some Oreos.

5. Stare at this ball of squish

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Don’t lie; you need one of these squishy balls in your life. As a kid, you probably had a ton of them. And if you did, then you remember how calming it was to squeeze one in your hands. Try fondling one of those while high, and you’ll be set for hours.

6. Cubes of food

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Not only are these cubes cut the same, but they’re also flawlessly arranged. At the same time, each and every cube represents a different food. If you’re a perfectionist, then you’ll have a hard time looking away from this photo.

7. A pot of pot

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Nothing is more pleasing to the eye than the cannabis plant. But when you throw pot inside of a tiny pot, now that’s a sight to see.

8. Pencil shavings

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Do you prefer pens over pencils? If so, this picture will change your mind.

9. Stare at this cake

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This is one glossy-looking cake. If you didn’t have the munchies before, you do now.

10. A swirl of moisturizer

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This picture is random, yet lovely at the same time. When’s the last time you dispensed lotion that looked like that?

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